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Best rated!

ROSE CO2 cartridges

The small ROSE CO2 cartridges quickly fill almost any type of bike tyre with air. With a content of 16 g or 25 g of CO2 each, the ROSE CO2 cartridges...


Best rated!

ROSE Micro CO2 inflator

Small, lightweight, practical and efficient. The ROSE CO2 inflator can be packed into your jersey pocket or tool box. If needed, simply screw a thread...

Colour: silver


Topeak AirBooster CO2 inflator

Ultra-light mini CO2 pump by Topeak. The CO2 valve adapter is milled from one aluminium block and is easy to use. Simply screw the AirBooster adapter...

RRP €22.95 15.95 

Xtreme Rocket Drive III CO2 inflator

Small, fast, efficient! The Rocket Drive III CO2 inflator is mini pump and CO2 cartridge inflator in one. The pumping function allows you to slightly...

Colour: black


Best rated!

Topeak AirBooster Race Pod X CO2 inflator set

Inflates your tyre in no time: With the Topeak AirBooster Race Pod X inflator set, you are perfectly prepared for an emergency during training or comp...


SKS Germany SKS Airbuster CO2 pump

Professionally equipped for all situations - with the Airbuster CO2 pump! This small volume wonder of just approx. 125 mm length and approx. 113 g wei...

RRP €22.99 16.95 

SKS Germany SKS Airchamp Pro CO2 pump

The SKS Airchamp Pro CO2 pump impresses with its easy one-hand operation and good dosing. A lock prevents unintentional activation. A reversible valve...

Colour: black

RRP €22.99 14.95 

Topeak Micro AirBooster CO2 pump

You will hardly find a smaller and more lightweight pump than the Micro-CO2 by Topeak. The CO2 valve top, which is CNC machined from one aluminium blo...

Colour: silver

RRP €19.95 15.95 

Best rated!

SKS Germany SKS CO2 cartridges for Airchamp Pro

· 16 g without thread · 5 pieces

RRP €8.99 6.95 

Best rated!

SKS Germany SKS CO2 cartridges

· 16 g with thread · incl. insulation · 2 pieces

RRP €7.49 6.75 

ROSE CO2 inflator with control knob

For quick starters. Even though the ROSE CO2 inflator cannot prevent breakdowns, it helps you to quickly forget about them. Because as soon as you hav...

Colour: black


Best rated!

Genuine Innovations CO2 cartridges

16 g CO2 cartridges with threaded connection and affixed cover for protection against cold. Including: 6 pieces Manufacturer's ref.: G2153

RRP €5.99 from3.95 

Low in stock!

SKS Germany Rideair refillable cartridge

With this cartridge your bike won't run out of steam ever again. The SKS Rideair inflates your tyre within seconds. Without any effort, safe and envir...

RRP €59.99 37.95 

SKS Germany SKS CO2 cartridge 24g

· 24 g with thread · incl. insulation · 1 piece

RRP €7.99 4.95 

Low in stock!

Genuine Innovations CO2 cartridges 25 g

The 25 g threaded CO2 cartridges by Genuine Innovations come with glued-on sleeve to make holding the cold cartridges easier. They are especially suit...

RRP €13.90 12.45 

Best rated!

Profile CO2 cartridge holder

Practical and silent option for transporting CO2 cartridges, without that familiar jingling in your jersey pocket. In this way, the cartridges are alw...

Colour: black

RRP €14.99 12.90 

Best rated!

Xtreme CO2 cartridge coating

Practical plastic coating for 16 g CO2 cartridges. Prevents frostbite on your fingers when using the cartridge. · reusable · 1 piece (Price without ca...

Colour: black


Best rated!

ROSE CO2 mount

This bracket can be mounted instead of or under the bottle cage allowing you to carry two spare CO2 cartridges (not included). · Material: stainless...

instead of €4.80 3.95 

Low in stock!

Topeak silicone sleeve for CO2 cartridges

The CO2 silicone sleeve by Topeak is an insulating, reusable cover for CO2 cartridges that protects your hands from the cold cartridge during tyre inf...

RRP €6.95 from4.95 

Low in stock!

SKS Germany Rideair Lock refillable cartridge incl. cable lock

Reliable security redoubled. This little security package comes with a refillable cartridge and an 80 cm long cable lock. However, the approx. 26 cm l...

RRP €69.99 48.95 

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