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Best rated!

Muc-Off Mechanics Gloves

These resistant mechanics gloves are perfect for anyone working on a bicycle and offer protection against most cuts and scratches. Besides, they keep...

Colour: black

RRP €8.99 7.95 

Muc-Off neoprene protective cover for disc brakes

The Muc-Off protective cover shields the brake discs during bicycle cleaning, care and transport so that you can rely on full braking power in critica...


Best rated!

Muc-Off Workshop Mat

How would you like to be able to maintain and clean your bike everywhere? This foldable workshop mat makes it unnecessary to move into the garage. The...

instead of €11.95 9.95 

Best rated!

Finish Line Gear Floss cleaning rope

With Gear Floss you can even slide into the smallest gap. Simply position the floss onto the area you would like to clean and slide it back and forth...

RRP €8.99 5.90 

Hanseline Velo Floss

The Velo Floss cleaning ropes by Hanseline help you clean hard to reach parts of the bike. Those who already have different brushes and tear cleaning...

RRP €5.95 5.90 

Finish Line Grease Gun grease injection pump

Most bearings are either situated in hardto-reach areas or only need a small amount of grease which cannot be precisely applied with commercial items....

RRP €24.99 16.95 

F100 pressure pump sprayer

The F100 pressure sprayer is perfectly suitable to evenly spray the F100 cleaner on your bike. The robust plastic bottle comes with an ergonomic handl...

RRP €19.99 19.95 

Speedplay Grease Gun

High-quality grease gun to clean and lubricate needle bearings in all Speedplay pedals. Of course, you can also use the gun to lubricate other bike pa...

Colour: black

RRP €45.00 39.95 

Best rated!

Cyclon Hand Cleaner

A very strong hand cleaner for the removal of heavy industrial soiling e.g. through paint, tar and adhesive. Also suitable for soiling that might occu...

RRP €7.95 7.50  Basic price: €25.00 / l

Muc-Off workshop apron

Stay clean when cleaning, servicing or tuning up your bike. The Muc-Off workshop apron is a must-have for every pro and hobby mechanic. A large of you...

Colour: black

RRP €34.99 29.90 

Finish Line mechanic gloves

The Finish Line mechanic gloves help you to keep your hands clean during repair works on your bike. Moreover, they protect your hands from injuries. A...

RRP €6.99 4.90 

Best rated!

Finish Line work mat

When using the Finish Line work mat, it doesn't matter whether you make a mess when greasing, oiling or lubricating your bike. This map absorbs liquid...

RRP €14.95 from9.90 

Xtreme cleaning hook

This plastic hook is perfectly suitable for removing persistant dirt, twigs etc. between the sprockets - a spot that cannot be reached easily with oth...


Cyclon syringe for grease

Plastic syringe for the exact application of greases, such as item no. 1943155 or 1943164. · also suitable for other greases · with a filling quantit...


Best rated!

Rohloff Speedhub injection

· volume: 60 ml (without tube and fill nipples)


Best rated!

Klingspor SFK 655 Schleiffix universal cleaning block

With the Klingspor SFK 655 Schleiffix cleaning block, you can remove dust and brake abrasion from the rim. The practical cleaning block thus ensures i...


TeXXor nitrile disposable gloves

Disposable nitrile gloves, particularly suitable for working on bikes, cars or in the house, etc. · Powder free · Rolled edges · Textured surface · F...

Available in several versions

Speedplay replacement cartridge for grease gun

Grease cartridge to reload the Speedplay Grease Gun (item no.: 2256346). · Filling quantity: 85 g · 1 piece

Colour: blue

RRP €21.95 16.95  Basic price: €19.94 / 100g

Low in stock!

Cyclon Tap

· Tap for the 5 litre canister of the Cyclon Bionet bike cleaner, product code 1943021



Tunap Sports Microfibre cleaning cloth

For a flawless look. The Tunap sports microfibre cleaning cloth makes all surfaces of your bike shine like new again. After cleaning and nourishing yo...

Colour: blue

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