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Ballistol Universal Oil spray

The all-rounder for bicycles. Ballistol lubricates, penetrates, preserves, disinfects and protects against corrosion. It does not resinify, dissolves...

RRP €3.59 from2.95  Basic price: €5.90 / 100ml

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Muc-Off Team Sky Dry Bag Kit cleaning kit

The Muc-Off Team Sky Dry Bag Kit cleaning kit contains the most important products for the cleaning and maintenance of your bike. As all products are...

RRP €79.99 49.95 

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Motorex Easy Clean degreaser

The Motorex Easy Clean degreaser is a highly active, biodegradable cleaner that is especially effective on oily and greasy dirt. The degreaser penetra...

9.90  Basic price: €19.80 / l

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Dynamic protection wax spray

The Dynamic protection wax spray is perfectly suitable for a protective treatment of your bike after thorough cleaning. It protects your bike from ext...

RRP €7.95 5.95  Basic price: €14.88 / l


F100 E-bike chain oil - new formula –

The F100 e-bike chain oil with a new formula promises extra high protection from wear for highly stressed e-bike chains and electric contacts. Drivetr...

RRP €8.99 from7.95  Basic price: €15.90 / 100ml

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Finish Line

Finish Line Teflon grease

High-quality grease for all bearings. Fine Teflon particles have a friction-reducing effect between metal surfaces; the Trilinium additive provides ex...

RRP €9.99 6.95 

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F100 Bike Cleaner

Power gel for thorough cleaning. Its special active degreasing formula removes even persistent dirt. Cleans self-actively and leaves no residues. For...

RRP €4.99 from2.99 

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Finish Line

Finish Line Dry lube

100% synthetic oil, clean and durable. Thanks to different additives, such as Teflon and Trilinium, microscopic irregularities in metal surfaces are f...

RRP €5.99 from3.90  Basic price: €6.50 / 100ml

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Dynamic chain lubricant

The Dynamic chain lube is perfect for daily use in any weather. The synthetic oil is suitable for tough use on long-distance rides or MTB tours. It im...

RRP €4.90 from3.95  Basic price: €15.80 / 100ml

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Finish Line

Finish Line ceramic chain oil

Synthetic chain oil reinforced with ceramic additives, for long-term use in harsh conditions. · Long-lasting lubrication with reduced friction

RRP €6.99 from4.90  Basic price: €8.17 / 100ml


Brooks Maintenance Kit

The Brooks Maintenance Kit helps you increase the comfort and durability of your Brooks leather saddle. Regular maintenance will keep the leather supp...

RRP €15.50 10.95 

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Cyclon Bionet Chain Cleaner

Biodegradable cleaner to remove stubborn dirt from the complete bike, also suitable to degrease and clean chains, chainrings and gears. Simply apply t...

RRP €9.95 from7.45  Basic price: €9.93 / l

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Motorex Bike Clean cleaner

The Motorex Bike Clean bicycle cleaner keeps your bike clean and is kind to the environment, too. The gel cleaner is biodegradable and perfect for ver...

from7.50  Basic price: €15.00 / l

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Brunox Top-Kett high-tech chain oil

Brunox Top-Kett is a highly effective bicycle chain oil and a long-term corrosion protection. It forms an even, non-drying, compact lubricating and co...

RRP €5.95 from4.95 


Motorex Bike Shine care and protection spray

The Motorex Bike Shine care and protection spray makes your bike shine like new. The 300 ml bottle contains a special spray that gives your bike a hig...

9.95  Basic price: €33.17 / l

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Muc-Off Workshop Mat

How would you like to be able to maintain and clean your bike everywhere? This foldable workshop mat makes it unnecessary to move into the garage. The...

instead of €11.95 9.95 

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Finish Line

Finish Line Speed Clean quick degreaser

Its name says it all - spray on, wipe off, ready. Speed Clean cleans all metal surfaces (chains, sprockets, chainrings, etc.) and leaves a clean, dry...

RRP €14.99 10.90  Basic price: €19.53 / l


ROSE Caretec XL cleaning kit

The problem is all too common: Whether it's bad roads or bad weather – after a tour, the bike looks shabby. The ROSE Caretec XL cleaning kit offers ev...

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Motorex Racing Fork Oil for suspension forks

The oil for high demands. The Motorex Racing Fork Oil electrifies suspension forks that are subject to high stress. On and off the road, the suspensio...


DT Swiss

DT Swiss grease for DT hubs

For effective servicing before tough use. The DT Swiss special grease reduces the wear of your ratchet freehub system. The multi-purpose grease is ava...

RRP €14.00 9.90  Basic price: €39.60 / 100ml

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