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Isostar Shaker 0,7l Mix Master

The Isostar Mix Master for a fast and smooth preparation of your sports or protein drink. · Filling quantity: 700 ml · With measuring scale in 50 ml...


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EnergyOatSnack click box

The perfect solution for on the go - prevents your EnergyOatSnack bars etc. from being squashed. · fits 3 EnergyOatSnack bars · waterproof closable...



Squeezy Energy Drink with carbohydrates

A regular fluid intake is of high importance, if you wish to optimize your performance in training and competitions. The Squeezy Energy Drink supplies...

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Dextro Energy

Dextro Energy Energy Bar Set Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Buy a set and save cash! For a short time only: Buy 3 products and get one free. Crispy carbohydrate bar with dark chocolate ground and crunchy soy c...

Available in several versions
RRP €5.00 3.75  Basic price: €1.88 / 100g


ultraSPORTS ultraSports ultraBase Floratin capsules

Perfectly suitable as a dietary supplement in times of high physical strain and after competitions. 3 capsules for daily intake contain approx. 10 bil...

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Xenofit Zinkaktiv C hot drink

A classic vitamin C drink combined with the valuable trace element zinc! This vitam drink with grapefruit flavour is a popular vitamin and mineral sup...

Variant: grapefruit

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AMSport 100% Natural Vegan Protein drink powder

The concentrated vegan AMSport drink powder provides you with a protein mixture of the four vegetable protein sources pea, sunflower, hemp and rice to...

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Isostar Hydrate & Perform Powder

The Hydrate & Perform drink powder comes with a new formula. No artificial colours, just natural flavours. This makes for a genuinely pleasant drink i...

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EnergyOatSnack OatDrink drink powder

OatDrink is a delicious shake consisting of full grain oatmeal, whey protein, vitamin B6, thiamin and calcium. Simply stir 50 g of the powder into 300...

Variant: vanilla

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Vitargo Shaker with sieve

Easily prepare shakes – with the Vitargo Shaker, you can easily mix your drinks yourself. The removable sieve prevents lumps forming. Thanks to the la...

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Sports food nutrition

Sports nutrition for the special needs of cyclists

For competitive and endurance athletes, it is very important to look out for an adequate diet. In this area of our online shop you will find various products such as gels, bars, drink powders and nutrition supplements in a great variety of flavours and versions. You will certainly find the right product for you.