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ROSE 2-Zent.A:-XL truing stand

Thanks to a robust design, the 2-Zent.A:-XL is designed for frequent use. With a weight of approx. 7.7 kg, the stand allows for a secure and stable po...

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Park Tool TM-1 spoke tension meter

Apart from a high-quality spoke material, a balanced and correct spoke tension is essential for the stability and durability of a wheel. The Park Tool...

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Minoura FT-1 truing stand

This variable and foldable truing stand uses the comfortable "Auto Centering System" (ACS). Thanks to the ACS you do not require a centering gauge for...

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Park Tool TS-2.2 professional wheel truing stand

Heavy pro equipment with high precision and stability. Features like simultaneously moving uprights with automatic centre alignment or spring-loaded c...

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ROSE Wheel truing stand

This robust wheel truing stand by ROSE is made of steel and designed to accurately gauge 24"-29" wheels and measure lateral and radial run out. Its lo...


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Xtreme "2-Zent.A:" truing stand

High-end centering device for daily workshop use or occasional use at home. Its large ground contact area gives the "2-Zent.A:" a secure hold on workb...


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Tacx Exact T3175 truing stand

The Tacx Exact is a truing stand with wheel holders that can be tilted forwards or backwards, so that the stand can be placed in any desired position....

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Minoura Truing gauge

Minoura truing gauge: When it comes to wheel truing, this tool is simply indispensable. Thanks to its wide support surface, it is particularly easy to...

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ROSE Wheel truing kit III

ROSE wheel truing kit III, consisting of: ROSE truing stand: item no. 1812332, Minoura centering gauge: item no. 493265 and Rixen & Kaul Spokey spoke...

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Rixen & Kaul Spokey spoke wrench - workshop version -

· practical, handy, light · with steel insert for high durability · size: 3.25 mm

Colour: red

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ROSE Wheel truing kit I

Forget about buckles wheels with the ROSE wheel truing kit I! The mobile ROSE truing stand accepts 24" - 29" wheels and holds them tight to help you c...

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Cyclus Tools Drill bit nipple driver

For easy spoke tensioning! The nipple driver by Cyclus Tools can be used in combination with a conventional electric drill to quickly and easily drive...

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Park Tool SW-16 square spoke wrench

Allows you to lace spokes with nipples that do not have a slotted head, but a square drive. Thanks to a 90 mm long shaft, you can also use this tool t...

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Tacx T4585 centering gauge

This centering gauge allows you to check the concentricity of a wheel very easily. Once adjusted, the threaded knob keeps the arms of the gauge at the...

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IceToolz - universal - spoke wrench

With this spoke wrench, you can precisely reach all spoke nipples with a single tool.


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DT Swiss tensiometer tensio 2

A precision instrument for measuring the spoke prestress at the wheel. A wear-resistant contact surface made of stainless steel ensures a long-lasting...


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Xtreme Rundlauf centering gauge

A centering gauge is indispensable for wheel building, but also just for re-centering - especially at the rear wheel, where asymmetric spoke dishes of...

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Park Tool SW-0 spoke wrench

Professional quality, precision-sized spoke wrench made from hardened tool steel. A vinyl coating guarantees best grip, while the oval shape ensures a...

Colour: black

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Rixen & Kaul Spokey spoke wrench

The long nut guides the sprokes wrench exactly along the spoke, so that it can easily be threaded on the nipple. · hardened steel insert · sizes: 3,4...

Colour: black

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Birzman spoke wrench

This handy spoke wrench by Birzman is compatible with almost all standard nipples. The tool comes with a 5 mm hex key centre. · For 12G (4 mm), 13G (...

Colour: silver

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