Bike Hubs for Road, MTB, and Hybrid Bikes

Hubs for road, hybrid and MTB wheels

A huge range of wheel hubs: gear hubs, disc hubs, standard hubs and accessories

Here you will find all types of wheel hubs for your bike. Beside spokes and rims, hubs are the third essential component of a wheel and contribute to stability and smooth running.

Whether you have a road bike, a mountain bike or a hybrid, this is where you will find the right hub for your bike.

Hub gears are mostly used on trekking and city bikes. We offer low-maintenance gear hub drivetrains from Shimano and Rohloff.

In a derailleur gearing system, the rear hub also holds the cassette, which is why you need to make sure it is compatible with the respective manufacturer and the number of gears. There are rear hubs and front hubs, as well as disc and standard models with different numbers of spoke holes. There are also special models for road bikes and mountain bikes.

Once you have found the right hub, you can also search for matching accessories like hub parts, spacers and axles.