Bicycle Pedals With and Without Click System

Pedals for MTBs, road bikes, city and touring bikes

System pedals and standard pedals, as well as pedal accessories

There are different types of pedals for each bike – depending on the intended use and on the type of bike.

Urban and touring bikes are mostly used with classic pedals – that is to say platform pedals. These pedals should offer high robustness and a good grip. Flat pedals often come with a rubberised platform or pins to make them also suitable for trail riding.

Clipless pedals on the contrary firmly connect the pedals to the cleats while riding for a more connected feeling. Before stopping, you can easily unclip by twisting the ankle.

We offer the right clipless pedals for your mountain bike or ATB, as well as platform pedals that meet highest demands in road cycling.

In the category ‘Accessories”, you can find the right cleats for all systems, as well as toe clips, toe clip straps, reflectors and platform stickers.