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Rims for Road, MTB, Hybrid Bikes, and More

Rims for mountain bikes, road bikes, fitness and touring bikes, disc or non-disc

Bike rims: Different sizes, types, materials and fields of use

The extent to which a cycle being ridden down the street or over terrain is stable, safe and comfortable is largely a function of the rims. They are the link between the tyre, on the one hand, and the spoke and hub on the other side.

Different fields of application require different bicycle rims. In the case of a road bike, a very lightweight rim is crucial. In the case of the MTB, it is mainly the stability of the bike rim which is an important factor. Usually, cyclists use a road bank rims with a diameter of 28 inches. In the case of MTBs, the diameters are 26", 27.5" or 29 ".

Bicycle rims also differ in terms of their width and height. The rim width determines which tyres fit the rim. Also in the field of road bikes, there is a trend towards slightly wider tyres and rims for greater comfort. The rim height is important if you value aerodynamics.

The number of holes determines how many spokes support the rim - the more there are, the greater the stability. When buying a wheel rim you should also be aware that there are different versions for disc brakes and rim brakes.