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Bike saddles and saddle accessories for road bikes, city bikes and mountain bikes

Bike saddles for women and men and accessories for road bike, touring and MTB saddles

Only users who can call the right saddle their own, is happy cycling for a long time - and without pain too. This is why we have a wide range of different saddles for men and women on offer. A place where each and every person can find the right one.

Which saddle is right for you, primarily depends on the purpose: With a more elongated posture, such as on a road bike, a narrower saddle is appropriate. With a more upright seating position, a wider saddle is appropriate. The shape should also be chosen to fit one's body. Many saddles are therefore available in several versions.

Even in the case of material, there are big differences: These days, saddles are mainly ridden with a gel filling, however, in our range, you will also find stylish classic leather saddles and lightweight saddles made from carbon.

In the accessories section you find protective cases against rain, products for looking after your saddle and mounting accessories.