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Electric Power for Hybrid Bikes and MTBs

In the past decade, e-bikes – whether electric hybrid bikes or electric MTBs – saw significant technology advances. Financial support from a variety of institutions and international cooperation in research have caused the innovative technology to evolve even faster. One of the major weaknesses of earlier e-bike motors – the lack of long-distance capability – has been eliminated by the successive increase in battery capacity. Modern e-bike drive units allow you to cover longer distances. The compact yet sophisticated drive units used for our ROSE bikes are reliable, powerful and significantly lighter than comparable motors.

A new Era: Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are currently experiencing a remarkable demand. E-MTBs offer you a whole new climb experience as well as massive uphill flow. They climb uphill easily and quickly and prolong bike rides. Especially when exploring low mountain ranges or the Alps, the electrified racers can prove their strengths, which is why you can see a lot of them when travelling around these regions. They are not only fun when riding alone, but are also perfect for riding in groups with people of all different fitness levels. It’s no wonder that the MTB world is enthusiastic about these powerhouses on two wheels and that the demand is still increasing.