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Fitness Bikes / Hybrid

A fitness bike offers you the chance to reach any goal – only your level of fitness can hold you back, not your bike!


Fitness bikes keep you fit – and what could be more pleasant than feeling the wind blowing through your hair when riding your bike after a day in the office? Right, there’s nothing better than that! Cycling is the best way to leave behind everyday stresses and to recharge your batteries. Your bike is waiting at home, it wants to go for a ride, take a spin, experience something, get moving. Sporty and fast – you immediately feel the many years of experience ROSE Bikes has in cycle racing. Whether it’s the frame, the wheels or the groupset – our fitness bikes come with components also seen in cycle racing. So you can also use them to go for a ride with your road bike mates. But these bikes are not only perfect workout machines, but also universal commuter bikes – when equipped with racks, lights and mudguards. Commuters and frequent riders know that every minute of biking makes you fitter. When will you get going?

There’s no question about it – fitness bikes are made to help you burn off energy. We offer a huge range of fitness bikes, to ensure that every hobby cyclist and fitness enthusiast will find the perfect bike. Some of the designs focus more on practical riding, while others shine bright with road bike or MTB genes, and undecided bike riders will likely find the right bike among one of our all-rounders.

Of course, ROSE Bikes also stocks a huge selection of fitness bikes for sporty ladies. In contrast to their male counterparts, these bikes come with a smaller frame. All other components are also adapted to the female anatomy to achieve perfect ergonomics.

Even those who prefer 29-inch tyres will get their money’s worth in our fitness category and those who haven’t yet tried them will soon be impressed by the incomparably smooth running of these large tyres.Our ROSE fitness bikes have all the features you need for sporty riding, because we aim to have you come home from your next ride exhausted but happy, looking forward to your next bike tour.