Gravel Bikes



First it was an idea, then a trend, and now a whole movement: gravel bikes are mixing things up in the cycling world! Gravel, or “grit”, requires a bike with which you can tear down gravel paths and cobblestone or master hard-surfaced field, forest, and meadow paths. Basically, anywhere the classic racing bike has difficulty. The BACKROAD makes for the perfect weapon for adventure seekers with off-road cravings. The gravel trend was imported from the US, where fitness, exercise, and adventure enjoy a remarkably high status. The gravel bike has become the choice of cyclists who find the racing bike to be too specialized and want to travel over rough terrain. Comfort is an important aspect for this class of bikes, so frames and components are constructed accordingly The sitting position is notably more upright compared to pure racers, the top tube is shorter, and the head tube is somewhat longer. The better view and relaxed posture make the ride more comfortable. Better directional and riding stability are the result of a larger wheelbase, as well as a longer chain stays, which contribute to the bike running more smoothly. Both the gravel bike’s all-rounder characteristic and the ability to clear most any terrain are possible due to its very wide tyres. It is quite normal to see tyre widths between 28- and 50-mm. Wide tyres with a good grip have an easier time on gravel, field, and forest paths, while narrower ones are made for mostly paved roads cycling. All tyre formats with generous dimensions have the benefit of being more comfortable, which is a distinct advantage on trails. Gravel bikes also win points in terms of safety since they are equipped with disc brakes that grip better.