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Hybrid & touring bikes

For discoverers and adventurers


No other bike category has so much adventure in the genes as this one. These bikes are crying out for the big wide world, for wildlife and challenges. They take you everywhere – and beyond. They are reliable and robust, as a breakdown may lead to serious danger in some situations. 

We live in a world full of wonders and breathtaking landscapes. Even though it might sometimes seem as if modern civilization has settled the entire planet and destroyed nature with asphalt roads and concrete blocks, there are still areas where it shows its real beauty. There are even some blank spots on the map. If you want to explore remote areas, you’ll need a reliable vehicle. Be the first to see remote areas, find a mountain lake that is not shown on the map far away from home, conquer steep climbs only few tourists can find, ride around endless plateaus – our touring bikes love adventures as much as you do! 

Double-butted frames made from high-quality aluminium; robust, puncture-proof deep-tread tyres; a robust, rigid aluminium fork; proven and durable components, versatile accessories – these are the ingredients for our expedition bikes. The bikes’ features also include Pinion drivetrains, Rohloff gear hubs and Carbon Drive belts, as well as even more exceptional components. We develop models for every type of bike riding, because we want you to be equipped with our bikes for your personal cycling adventure.

And to make sure that everyone will find their perfect ROSE bike, we also stock XL frames. One way or another, these bikes are made for very big adventures! Pack your bags, our touring bikes want to explore the world with you! You will be surprised where they will take you.