Covers a wide range of bike security with high-quality U-locks, chain locks and folding locks as well as armoured cable, spiral cable and cable locks. For sports or in everyday life, the ABUS bike helmet is part of it.

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Bike safety and security
The history of the company ABUS starts with “Once upon a time there were no bicycle locks…”. And cycle racing, too, was still in its infancy when August Bremicker and his sons founded the company ABUS in 1924. The visions of the founders had, however, nothing to do with impressive castles, but with simple padlocks that should give the people a good feeling of security. In line with this principle, the company ABUS showed following generations the way and developed a preventative security technology that has blessed the cycling world with a huge choice of bicycle locks over the years. 

ABUS – bicycle locks and cycle helmets
Whether you want to secure your bike or protect your head with a cycle helmet in case of a fall – the company ABUS that was founded in 1924 offers a huge range of different bicycle locks and cycle helmets. Moreover, chain locks, U-locks, frame locks, cable locks, rope locks, coiled cable locks and folding locks as well as diverse cycle helmets for kids, women and men are part of the product range.

ABUS bicycle locks – different lock solutions for cycling sports
ABUS offers extensive bicycle lock solutions so that you can secure your bike as efficiently as possible. Depending on the bike model and the desired securing method, ABUS covers the full range of bicycle locks including U-locks, chain locks, frame locks, rope locks and coiled cable locks. The family-owned business is now run in the third and fourth generation and is an independent, globally operating company for mechanical and electronic security.

Cycle helmets by ABUS – effective protection for your head
Wearing a helmet significantly reduces the risk of head injuries in case of a bicycle accident. This is why it’s not only important to wear a helmet during sports, but also in everyday life. Ranging from infant and kids’ helmets via city helmets for shopping tours or your way to the office through to high-end sports helmets: ABUS offers a wide choice of cycle helmets with good ventilation, pleasant comfort and individual head adaptation. In addition, many kids’ and city helmets feature an integrated rear light for an even higher level of safety.