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The company ALPINA offers a wide range of thoughtfully designed and functional sports accessories including cycling glasses, ski goggles, sports glasses and sunglasses, bicycle helmets, ski helmets and sports helmets. No matter if it’s about daily bicycle rides, leisure sports, mountain biking, cycle racing or professional cycling: For cyclists, protection, safety and physical integrity are always important aspects.

ALPINA cycling and sports glasses
With the foundation of the company ALPINA by Werner Grau in 1980, the development of cycling products used for professional cycle racing already started. In its short history, the company located near Augsburg, Germany, has again and again set new standards with various further developments of its ski and cycle helmets as well as of its ski goggles and sports glasses. Over the years, ALPINA has again and again launched new developments such as break-proof polycarbonate lenses and lenses with polarizing filter.

ALPINA cycling glasses – Cycling with well-designed accessories
Today, amateur and professional cyclists can choose from a wide range of thought-out ALPINA accessories that offer state-of-the-art protection and safety. Road cyclists can choose from cycling glasses, sports glasses and sunglasses with self-tinting VARIOFLEX lens technology (automatic adaptation of the lens tint to the prevailing light conditions), a two-component design with silicone trim on the earpieces and adjustable silicone nose bridges. Moreover, ALPINA offers glasses for women, men, kids and young adults with narrow head shapes.

ALPINA bicycle helmets and ski helmets
Since 1996, the company ALPINA has also developed and produced cycle helmets that stand out for their new Run twist lock, an innovative twist knob at the neck. Moreover, this product range is consistently further developed and expanded. You can find everything needed to protect your head in the ROSE Bikes online shop, ranging from cycle helmets via ski helmets through to kids’ helmets.