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The American company Avid offers excellent bicycle braking systems. The manufacturer of rims and disc brakes has specialized in particular in mountain bike products and the range of brakes offered promises exciting MTB adventures. The company relies on absolutely reliable materials to ensure highest safety on demanding mountain tours. Avid disc brakes are especially recommendable for mountain bikers, as they withstand high stresses and even provide a great braking effect on difficult grounds.

Avid offers highest quality with great success
With Avid, you are on the safe side: Because Avid is not only known for its huge range of high-quality brakes, but also for its high-quality bike parts. Whether you are looking for brake levers, spacer kits, adapters, brake fluid or bleeding kits: Those who like to ride off the road will definitely find the right replacement part of any eventuality. Especially bikers who ride off the road often and fast appreciate Avid brakes and replacement parts for the bike.

Avid cycling – disc brakes with unstoppable precision
In 2004, the companies Avid and SRAM merged and have since then continued to be very successful. After having worked on hydraulic disc brakes, developments like the Taperbore technology, the contact point adjustment, the Power Reserve geometry and a precise non-drip bleeding followed.