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The manufacturer of cycling accessories AXA is one of the leading companies in the field of bicycle security in Europe. The manufacturer is very well known on the market for its great solutions for secure locking and lighting of a bike. Frustrated bicycle thieves, too, know the Dutch brand AXA well. 

Bicycle frame locks by AXA, prevention of bicycle theft 
Thanks to the high quality of its bicycle locks, AXA offers reliable protection from theft. The security products of the cycling accessories manufacturer especially stand out for their corrosion resistance and durability. Two additional important features of a bicycle lock that offer excellent protection even against persistently attempted thefts are a steel lock housing as well as ease of use. In order to constantly improve the products further, the company again and again tests its products with standard pliers and other tools that are commonly used by thieves. 

AXA quality accessories – Security and safety products, back light holders, dynamo holders, chains for frame locks & much more 
Apart from diverse bicycle lock solutions dynamo front lights, battery-powered front lights, dynamo rear lights, battery-powered rear lights or replacement wheels, rear light holders, dynamo brackets and chains for frame locks belong to the product range of the Dutch manufacturer. AXA dynamos and lights offer high efficiency, optimum light output and good light quality – the products even offer high safety in road traffic at low speeds. So the security and safety products by AXA are perfectly suitable for bicycle tours at day and night.