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B + M
Comprehensive Bicycle Lighting Systems

The initials in B + M stand for the names of the company founders Busch & Müller who started to produce reflectors back in 1925 and have grown into a renowned manufacturer for bike lights ever since. The company B + M offers a huge range of high-quality bicycle lights. Especially when riding your bike in different weather conditions or at different times of the day, a bicycle lighting system is indispensable for your safety. Therefore, a powerful and well-designed bike light is a basic accessory for every cyclist who wants to enjoy riding. All products are approved for road traffic in Germany. Busch + Müller is made in Germany and ever since the foundation of the family-owned business in 1925, all products have been produced in the German Sauerland region.

Powerful Lighting Components, Mirrors and Handlebar Mounts

Knowing that safety is a very important aspect in cycling, the company B + M has continuously developed new lighting components promising good visibility.

Thus, the product range of the company B + M contains lighting components like battery-powered or dynamo-powered rear lights, reflectors, LED front lights, front lights with USB port, dynamos and much more products in many different versions. Helmet lights, handlebar mounts or rear-view mirrors are also part of the product range.

From the idea to the final product, Busch & Müller place considerable value on high-quality manufacturing technology. Whether it’s the special IQ reflector technology for LED headlights, the near field illumination directly in front of the bike or the brake light function for rear lights – B + M products are constantly further developed and adapted to the specific requirements of customers.