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The brand BUFF was founded in Ingualada near Barcelona in 1992. The company has specialized in the manufacture of sports textiles like multitubes, hats and scarves that are useful, comfortable and multifunctional. BUFF headwear, headbands and multitubes are particularly popular among cyclists. The products are all breathable and come in a seamless design. The multifunctional, tubular headwear is suitable for versatile use and thin enough to wear under a bike helmet. Thus, your head and neck are well protected on cold days. Depending on temperature and personal preferences, you can choose between scarves, tubes and hats made of microfibre, merino wool and Polar fleece in all trendy and classic colours – there's the right headwear for everyone!

The tube scarves, headbands, hats, neck warmers and accessories by BUFF are known all around the globe. The multifunctional headwear in simple and colourful designs is available for adults, kids, babies and even for dogs. Many people cannot even imagine cycling without multifunctional BUFF headwear. The products are lightweight, compact and thus easy to transport and can be worn around your neck or on your head. ROSE Bikes offers a wide range of different multitubes by BUFF that can be used as a neck warmer, face warmer or hat. Thanks to a seamless design, the tube scarves are comfortable, elastic and suitable for versatile use. Whether as a hat, balaclava, headband or scarf – the BUFF multitube impresses with multifunctionality and versatility. Thus, BUFF headwear is a great choice for cycling in any weather.