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When the American manufacturer of bicycle bags Al Scholz used parts from an old swing set to build a completely new kind of bicycle trailer, nobody could have imagined what a revolutionary concept this would be. Originally designed for the transport of his bags only, this trailer was so lightweight, stable and roomy that it also offered enough space for his little daughter. The new idea soon got around and only a short time later, the first real Burley bicycle trailer for kids was produced.

Apart from the attributes ‘lightweight, stable and roomy’, today’s Burley models do not have much in common with the prototype. The new Burley trailers are extremely safe and meet or even exceed already strict safety standards for child trailers. Smoothly running 20” wheels, a wide track and a low centre of gravity ensure a neutral and forgiving handling.

To ensure that even the youngest member of the family enjoys the Sunday tour, Burley trailers offer a panoramic view, best ventilation, a comfortable and upgraded suspension system that absorbs bumps even better and, of course, generous space. A trailer cover and side windows with UV protection and a roll bar ensure a safe ride in every respect. With a maximum load of 60 kg, the child trailers are perfectly suitable as long-term companions. Regarding the materials, Burley does not use any harmful substances or softening agents; instead, every single part meets latest and strictly tested pollutants standards.

By the way: Burley trailers can be used right out of the box! Versatile optional equipment such as a wheel set to turn the bicycle trailer into a stroller with a flick of the wrist offer even more flexibility. Burley also offers a special version of its trailer for your four-footed friend.