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CAMELBAK hydration system – the inventive genius in a drinks bottle
Without some clever inventories of clever inventors – such as the first hydration pack by Michael Eidson – cycling would not be what it is today. Inspired by his experiences made during a hot cycle race in 1988, the American cyclist developed an idea out of necessity: The trained paramedic put a tube into an old infusion bag, packed everything into a sock and sewed it onto the backside of his jersey. This is when the CAMELBAK prototype was born. Since then, the company CAMELBAK has continuously further developed its lightweight, aerodynamic hydration systems. They allow you to even drink in technically demanding terrain without having to take the hands away from the handlebar. After a successful testing phase, the CAMELBAK products quickly spread through other kinds of sports. The extensive CAMELBAK product range also includes diverse drinks bottles, hydration belts and numerous accessories for all hydration backpacks and drinks bottles.

CAMELBAK hydration backpacks – so that you are not left high and dry on your tours

The functional CAMELBAK systems ensure an easy liquid supply while cycling: Even in difficult terrain, you are able to take a sip without having to take the hands off the handlebar. CAMELBAK hydration backpacks come with reservoirs with a volume of up to three litres and are thus suitable for both smaller training units and longer tours. The backpacks are available in different colours and shapes. The breathable backpacks feature a splashguard to protect from dirt and offer enough storage space for smartphone, tools or energy bars.
Moreover, the CAMELBAK product range has been expanded with hydration backpacks with an integrated back protector that are especially popular among enduro riders. This back protector easily withstands several impacts and is yet so flexible that it perfectly adapts to the wearer’s movements.

CAMELBAK drinks bottles and versatile accessories
Thanks to their special system, CAMELBAK drinks bottles do not have to be tilted for drinking. In this way, you can always keep your eyes on the road. The plastic used for the drinks bottles is hygienic, non-toxic and lightweight. According to the manufacturer, the CAMELBAK drinks bottles also stand out for their taste neutrality and their robust material. The extensive range of hydration system accessories tops off CAMELBAK’s product offer. Tube brushes, cleaning tablets and dryer arms help you to clean the hydration bladder, while the CAMELBAK RainCover keeps the backpack dry in wet weather. The hydration pack can be individually upgraded with closures, connections and clips – whatever you might need.