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Since 1933, high-end components for road bikes have been the focus of the Italian company Campagnolo, which is located in Vicenza. Campagnolo offer bike components which convince cyclists with their sophisticated technology, quality and design. In this way, passionate bikers and hobby athletes can connect to the spirit of the company founder and road cyclist Tulli Campagnolo. His experience and demands on his own road bike gave life to this company.

Campagnolo bike accessories – high-quality bike components made from one cast
The Campagnolo cycling company offers demanding bike-related technology. This includes diverse bike components, such as wheels, rear derailleurs, chainrings, brakes or cassettes. The bike parts, including chain, headset, crankset, rear derailleur, brake calipers, front derailleur etc., are made of high-quality material and stand out for their exceptional quality themselves. The know-how regarding the requirements in cycling is reflected in the single cycling accessories product and supports the performance of the cycling athlete. 

Campagnolo – technical basics for cycling
Campagnolo belongs to the especially well-known brands in the bike components sector. With Campagnolo, you cannot only live your passion for cycling, but also create the technical basics for it. In future, Campagnolo will continue to combine precision, functionality and efficiency when producing bike components.