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The company history of CHROME began in Boulder, Colorado, almost 20 years ago when some young people got together to produce bicycle bags that should meet their requirements for the use in the city. They particularly focused on functional, robust materials that should respond to the daily challenges of city cyclists. Apart from robust and waterproof CORDURA material, the bags were and are still also made from durable truck tarpaulin, while the single parts are sewn together using sturdy high-strength yarn. However, CHROME waterproof jackets and windbreakers also know how to impress city cyclists with robust and warming materials like fleece or breathable polyester and with diverse clever details such as large hoods, chest pockets, longer back panels etc.

Perfect city bags for cyclists: whether for your ride to work or for use in your free time
Today, CHROME bags belong to the world’s most popular bicycle bags for urban and city use, as they are cleverly designed for highest efficiency. The American company particularly impresses cyclists with the use of robust industrial-strength materials and iron elements that turn the bags into practical companions for city tours, your way to university or to work. Depending on size and model, the bags offer stowage for books, laptops and diverse other items and are perfectly protected against all weathers.

CHROME offers warm clothes for on the bike
CHROME jackets and pullovers are functional and adapted to the needs of city cyclists: A comfortable fit is as important as weather resistance and a certain robustness to ensure that the jackets withstand the challenges of everyday life.

Different accessories in a unique CHROME style, such as eye-catching keychains with seat belt closure top off the product range. CHROME products are true eye-catchers and always ensure a stylish appearance – apart from functionality.