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backpacks and cycling bags as versatile as cycling

In Gersthofen near Augsburg, the deuter Sport GmbH & Co develops cycling bags and backpacks for universal use. From casual bike tours to Alps crossings, every cyclist is offered high-performance bike backpacks, as well as further bike accessories. By producing backpacks and bags, the Deuter company provides cyclists with a large area of application of their products. 

deuter bike bags – cycling accessories from a blue-white history! 
The Deuter company owes its name to its founder Hans Deuter, who started producing bags in 1898. Of course, the production of cycling accessories did not start with bike bags, backpacks or other cycling bags which are common and popular today, but instead with a history from the good old days. With his company, Hans Deuter supplied the Royal Bavarian Post and produced mailbags and sacks. Even before the First World War broke out, the deuter company produced more and more satchels, backpacks and tents for the army. During a Himalaya expedition in the 1930s, backpacks by Hans Deuter were used for the first time. 

deuter cycling accessories – women’s cycling right down the line 
With the separation from the parent company deuter AG, the branch for luggage and backpacks was founded in 1989. Since 2000, the deuter company can be found among the top ranks with its production of cycling accessories like bags, bike bags, bike backpacks, hip bags, special bike bags, mobile phone bags and further accessories. It has become the market leader in terms of backpacks for cycling, for Alpine and Transalp tours and other sport sectors. A decisive milestone in the history of the deuter company was set in 2000 with the SL line. Thanks to the backpacks that are specially adapted to the female anatomy, women’s cycling, too, profits from the long history of the company.  

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Sporty and slim, modern and versatile – the Deuter allrounder backpack offers a lot of space for your helmet and gear. Large zips make the compartments easily accessible. A thought-out interior division and numerous pockets ensure a clear view of the content. Thanks to auto-compress hip fins and breathable shoulder pads, this cycling backpack provides a snug fit and outstanding comfort.