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There are challenging tracks for mountain bikes – and there are downhills. The Californian manufacturer e*thirteen is specialized in the production of high-quality components suitable for this extreme form of mountain biking, where people and materials are put to the test. The right balance between stability, stiffness and a lowest possible weight are of fundamental importance for the parts.

As psychological components are the key to success in downhill races, a deep trust in the bike parts used can make the difference on demanding tracks with blocked rock fields and jumps of several metres.

This is of course only possible when the bike’s components deliver what they promise. This is the aim the company e*thirteen, which was founded in 2010, has devoted itself to. With extensive research and on-road tests, they firstly developed lightweight chain guides of high quality. Cranks, wheelsets and pedals soon also found their way into the product range of e*thirteen.

In the following years, the experiences in downhill biking were used to develop components for other mountain bike categories. Today, the range of e*thirteen includes parts for the Enduro and All-Mountain scene, as well as for Cross Country or Marathon use. Each part is especially adapted to the respective requirements of the different disciplines.

While the focus is primarily on extreme durability for downhill and freeride use, enduro and all-mountain bikes rather focus on weight reduction due to their suitability for versatile use. Those bikes have to withstand demanding downhill sections while also providing propulsion when riding uphill; their components, too, must meet these requirements.