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Easton is a manufacturer of bike components, which are developed and produced with high demands on quality, stability, performance and durability. The company is known for its constant further developments among professional cyclists. In order to guarantee a good performance anytime and on all tracks, the company from America concentrates on treating and processing products made from aluminium and carbon. Easton comes up to the high demands of cycling professionals, yet also fulfils the expectations of demanding hobby cyclists. The company has made a name for itself among cyclists as a supplier of bike products made of light aluminium and particularly stable carbon. Wheels and seat posts from the bike component manufacturer Easton are products, which will bring cyclists to their destinations all over the world.

Easton: the expert for wheels and bike components
The American company has developed different high-quality wheels for use in the professional road cycling scene. Easton therefore offers the products “rear wheel” and “front wheel”. For a perfect performance, these models were developed in close cooperation with top cycling athletes. Years of research and development turn the Easton company into a supplier, which guarantees good results to cycling professionals. At Easton, wheel size, rim material, rim depth, rim width, braking surface and of course also the weight of the wheel are calculated so as to make sure you will have an optimum result with every wheel turn on hard asphalt. Easton seat posts are true quality products in terms of length, offset, material (carbon) and finish.

Special: carbon wheel by Easton
The demand on the quality of products by Easton is particularly high. In order to produce perfectly matched results for demanding road cyclists, the company makes use of a special technique: 100% handicraft. The demands, which have to be fulfilled in every new test, are thus very high. Easton focuses on hand-made carbon wheels, which have to comply with high standards in terms of durability and shock resistance in order to be used in road cycling tournaments. Easton applies the acoustics method to make sure every single wheel is a good product for demanding bike professionals. High durability is an essential criterion of the wheels made by Easton in America.