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Finish Line bicycle cleaners – keep your bike running smoothly
The company Finish Line has its origins in the USA. In 1988, Henry Krause founded a company that focused on care and cleaning products. Besides, lubricants played an important role, as they are essential for a smoothly running bike. Today, Finish Line offers a huge range of products that guarantee a long durability of bikes and bicycle components. Thanks to the effectiveness of chemical lubricants, oils and greases, the manufacturer of cleaning agents Finish Line has firmly established itself in the sector. Among cyclists, the company is known as a provider of special chemicals that takes care of the cleaning and care of single bike parts.

Finish Line bicycle cleaners: crossing the finishing line with high-quality care products
Finish line offers a large number of bicycle care products with which cyclists can achieve a clean result. The company offers single brushes or entire brush kits with which you can even clean especially dirty parts of your bike. Apart from surface cleaners, Finish Line also offers products that literally go deeper: bicycle oils, assembly gels, degreasers and lubricants. And for the finishing touch, there are also different polishing agents available.

Finish Line cycling – the right care extends the life of bike elements
The company Finish Line has established its position in the bicycle cleaner market over the years. The professional background of the manager is one reason for the deep knowledge of the right cleaning and care of bicycle parts. The businessman Krause had worked in a sector dealing with the “composition of single chemical substances” before founding the company. That’s why the manufacturer knows a lot about the effectiveness and combinability of individual fluids, greases and oils. The different products are composed in such a way that they offer results every cyclist loves. With Finish Line products, cyclists are well equipped and have everything they need to extend the durability of the individual bike elements.