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innobike bike care products – bicycle chains cleaned and lubricated
Since 1987 innobike is an expert for cleaning, lubrication and care of bicycle components which are used daily and therefore require a special treatment. Bike accessories in particular need special maintenance, so that cyclists can ride any type of bike safely and for a long period of time. The company supports the durability of single bike components consistently by means of their special products. A reliable functioning of the bike chain is essential, that’s why innobike offers a special chain fluid for this care. Every type of dirt and dust can be first dissolved and then removed with the chain cleaner. The composition of the washing substance is particularly effective. Efficient and durable lubrication and care of bike components on road bikes, mountain bikes and trekking bikes is the result of the good research and development work of the company.

innobike bike care products for bike chains – cleaning, lubricating and dissolving
Chain drive bushings and plugs, as well as chain inner bearings, can be thoroughly cleaned with innobike special bike cleaning products. The innobike chain fluid has a particularly high efficiency, the fluid gets into the narrowest tolerances and removes dust and tough dirt and grime from the chain. With innobike special cleaning products a bicycle chain can be cleaned and lubricated at the same time. Residues and resin formations are loosened and disappear. After the cleaning process the bike chain is in a good shape again. The chain fluid leaves an ideal lubricating and protective film to ensure the best performance on road cycling tracks. innobike is an established cycling accessories expert with different, highly efficient bike care products.

Care products for bike components by innobike – cycling fun in any weather
With innobike care products for bike components and with respective special care products, cyclists can increase their riding fun and the durability of single bike parts. Year-round protection is guaranteed by the chain set, which develops its effect in cold temperatures and bad weather. Whether ice, rain or snow: The set for all-weather use is a good solution for non-stop riders. Foam cleaners of the brand are used on bike parts such as frame materials and wheels. Shiny cleanliness and streak-free gloss are the result after using innobike foam cleaners. There is a brush top for applying and thoroughly distributing the innobike bike chain fluid. The brush facilitates distributing the care fluid efficiently so that it can develop its full effect.