High-quality protectors, helmets & more


The Swiss employees at iXS focus their experience in motor sports on developing functional clothing and protective gear for mountain bikers as well. What started as a small bicycle workshop over 100 years ago - and developed on a large scale in the area of motorcycles during the 60's - has become a highly specialized in-house manufacturer of modern MTB equipment. High-tech materials, advanced technologies and input from world-famous athletes, such as downhill siblings Rachel and Gee Atherton, make iXS one of the leading manufacturers of protective gear for motorcycling and mountain biking. 

Dependability and wearing comfort – your protective gear for mountain biking 
At iXS we use team experience when developing MTB protective gear for use under tough conditions for freeride, downhill, dirt or slopestyle. 
The innovative protective gear is made with a shock-absorbing EVA foam insert and NockOut cushioning for impact absorption. The high-at-risk body zones are thereby adequately protected from bruising and abrasions in rough conditions. The workmanship of the protective gear, with its specially developed VentMesh web structure, provides good wearing comfort and high breathability. 
The easy and convenient fastening of the protective gear completes tops off these features. Many years of experience and attention to detail provide the various protective gear with a combination of high level protection and great comfort. From full face helmets to elbow protectors - iXS ensures that everything is where it needs to be to protect you from serious injury in serious situations. 

Turn your protection into style – clothes for trail riders 
At iXS, decades of experience in protective gear naturally add up to fine design. 
With their clearly structured colours and sleek lines, the protectors, jerseys, shirts and shorts are appealing to the eye. The breathable and breezy bike jerseys made from antibacterial functional material demonstrate that functional clothing doesn't have to be boring.