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Jagwire is a US manufacturer of high-end brake wiring kits and brake hoses. The company’s high demands in terms of safety, workmanship and quality motivate the employees to develop numerous innovations that are used for different types of bikes all over the world. The American company Jagwire is the global market leader in the manufacture of brake products. The ISO certification is evidence for the success of the innovations developed. Customers who use Jagwire braking tools appreciate the components’ high reliability. National and international bicycle brands cooperate with Jagwire and thus use Jagwire accessories and brake sets.

Brake hoses and accessories by Jagwire – bicycle component sets of high quality  
The company Jagwire also offers brake hoses that are used for bikes with disc brakes. These special products come with a Teflon liner. Moreover, the hoses are reinforced with Kevlar, because hoses with a reinforced construction can be used for most types of disc brakes. As Jagwire brake hoses offer a high degree of compatibility, the products are in high demand. In addition, the US manufacturer offers Jagwire adapter kits that work perfectly with the brake hoses. Every single part of those kits is a product of highest quality. All hoses can be easily cut to the desired and required length. In general, Jagwire brake hoses are just as long as they need to be to be compatible with Jagwire adapter kits.

Bike tools by Jagwire – safety for each ride  
Cable adjustments are indispensable when installing new brake hoses and that is exactly what Jagwire tools are made for. Jagwire cable adjusters give riders easy and safe access for the derailleur adjustments they need to make on the fly. As they are made of aluminium, they are extremely robust and durable, too. In addition, the product range includes various versions of adapter kits. What adapter kit is the right one for your bike depends on the manufacturer of your disc brakes. The US manufacturer offers different brake adapter kits and brake hoses for many different manufacturers. Jagwire Quick-Fit adapters are the perfect way to enhance braking performance and durability.