bike locks for every type of use

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The success story of the American company Kryptonite began in the 1970s, when the company founder Michael Zane launched his first U-lock. Since then, Kryptonite has continuously further expanded its product range so that there is now a suitable lock for every type of bike available. Whether it’s a U-shaped lock, a chain or a cable lock: There are many different systems that ensure that your bike will stay where you left it.

Kryptonite: A diverse selection of locks for urban or city use
It’s very important for the company that the bicycle locks are all designed for use in the city. All those who often ride their bike in urban traffic know the difficulties in locking a bike: Flexibility, durability and single-lock security solutions are particularly important. A bike is only flexible when it can be easily secured in many different places. Good durability is achieved through a key that even works reliably in constant use and single-lock security solutions allow you to reliably secure a bike without having to take two locks with you. With the messenger series, Kryptonite has developed locks that exactly meet these requirements. Whether you are looking for a practical small U-lock with a wheel extender or for a strong and robust chain lock: Especially for city riders, Kryptonite offers especially functional products.
Those and numerous other solutions protect your bike even better from theft. By the way: Kryptonite locks always come with three keys to make sure that you are always well protected at any time.