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It all began with an accident. When LIVALL founder and CTO Yong Liu fell off his bike and broke his arm, he first thought about developing cycle helmets that combine safety with technical features. Together with Bo Zheng he thus worked on the first smart helmets. A crowdfunding project turned the idea into a business – the response was so positive that the first smart helmets could soon be delivered.

Bike helmets for communication, safety and fun
New, innovative and useful – these are the three key attributes of all LIVALL products. The products are designed to make the life of their wearer easier and to offer safety and an enjoyable riding experience. The range already includes several different cycle helmets and matching accessories. Speakerphone, LIVALL app, loudspeaker… the brand is continuously working on technical innovations to turn your bike helmet into a great communication and entertainment centre.

Smart helmets for tech geeks
With their product range, LIVALL manages to combine classic bike helmets with latest technologies. Ranging from an integrated loudspeaker to listen to your favourite music while riding via LEDs at the back of your head that show when you will make a turn or overtake through to smartphone compatibility to take pictures during the ride, send an SOS signal or to control the technical features – these cycle helmets not only offer additional safety, but also feature numerous technical innovations for s special riding experience. A must-have for tech geeks who love to cycle.