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The company Michelin based in France is a high-end tyre manufacturer that is well known in the bicycle industry. In research and development centres in different locations, the company develops different rubber compounds and treads for high demands in cycling. The brothers Michelin already started to process rubber in 1889. Today, the manufacturer is widely known for its bike tyres and latex inner tubes and the company’s high-end tyres are used on all roads and tracks around the world. Michelin develops and produces tyres for different types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes and city bikes. Thus, Michelin allows cyclists all over the world to choose the perfect tyre for their bike – for high safety.

Michelin tyres – road bike tyres with high resistance
For high performances on the cycle tracks of the world, the company Michelin offers a huge range of innovative tyre models. Michelin stocks the right tyres for any intended use to make sure that you can enjoy your ride at any time. Michelin tyres are designed for perfect rolling resistance, efficiency, grip in wet weather and a low weight – for your success. Ideally, a high puncture resistance is guaranteed, so that you can achieve your personal goal on your road bike, MTB or hybrid. For best results though, the mileage of a Michelin product is of high importance, too. Ambitious road cyclists need road tyres with a high resistance to achieve high speeds in races.

Bike tyres by Michelin – Components for high comfort
Michelin bike tyres for professional cycling are of high quality. It is important that the tyres are robust and efficient. Besides, they should offer good grip on all road surfaces, in corners as well as on straights. The rubber compound of the tyres as well as their mileage are decisive for good racing results. A Michelin road bike tyre offers particularly good grip on dry and wet grounds, as well as great traction for best acceleration and braking. The road bike components of the company Michelin are designed to absorb bumps from the road and thus offer high comfort. Additional important factors for a cyclist’s success are good handling and mileage.