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The foundations of the cycling equipment provider ORTLIEB is based on a history of the good old days. Cycling is and always has been a sport that is experienced in nature and as such, offers plenty of different opportunities. A young cyclist called Hartmut Ortlieb experienced the challenge of wind and weather on his own bike and the uncomfortable feeling to having to climb into a wet sleeping bag at night. A passing truck, with a load that remained dry under tarpaulin sheeting, inspired him to produce courier bags, which also ensured that the equipment used on a cycle tour met human needs. This is the birth of the first pannier made of red truck tarpaulin, which was home-made on his mother’s sewing machine.

ORTLIEB outdoor sport – bicycle panniers made from the tarpaulin used on trucks   
With the development of a practical bicycle pannier, the rest was invented quickly. Hartmut Ortlieb fixed the cover with a piece of belt strap from the saddlery and attached hooks from the DIY shop to fix the wayward bag onto the pannier rack. And because cycling keeps the body and mind moving, the sewing machine rattled from then on. With a constant stream of new ideas on how he could improve his invention and refine it, he produced it for so long until at one stage two bicycle panniers emerged from the single pannier. Today, ORTLIEB products are supplied for outdoor sports, which offer great benefits to cyclists. In spite of of wind and weather, the cyclist can reach into a dry pannier and this increases the sense of well-being on each cycle tour.

ORTLIEB cycling equipment – Cycling equipment with a technical system   
ORTLIEB Outdoor Equipment offers products to cyclists with a large number of unique technical systems. Whether a closing or mounting system, you’ll be amazed by the simplicity of the application! ORTLIEB manufactures cycling equipment with a 2D and 3D high-frequency weld. The waterproof products from ORTLIEB are not, for example sewn or glued, the parts which are needed for a bag are joined together firmly using a high frequency welding technique. This enables a waterproof and extremely long-lasting connection. 2D welding is used in flat products such as map pockets or document bags. The 3D welding technique offers three-dimensional production, which is used in panniers or pack bags. ORTLIEB has pursued the same goal for over 25 years and remains true to the spirit which inspired its beginnings. When cycling in nature, all cyclists should feel free and independent, and shape their leisure along with the weather.