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Pioneer of wearable sports technology

Become active: Turn your daily activity into your daily fitness routine, improve your performance with the support and long-standing experience of Polar. Use the precise data thanks to various models to optimize your performance. Your fitness program will be a success story with the complete and free coaching system from Polar.

Get moving and reach your fitness goal: with the wearables and the matching fitness apps by Polar.

Training for ambitious athletes

You are a winner. That’s why you know: targeted training is indispensable. To optimize your performance, you need accurate training data. Polar has been coaching successful athletes and top sportsmen and women for a long time already. Just like these athletes, Polar tries to improve every single day. This is the only way to keep Polar at the forefront when it comes to precise and innovative training technologies.

Lifestyle Training in everyday life

You know that regular exercise is good for you. But sometimes it gets difficult to combine everything. Our products motivate you at the right moment to increase your fitness in everyday life.

The Polar A370 is the perfect companion in everyday life: With its intelligent 24/7 wrist-based heart rate measurement, it records your heart rate in moments when the activity cannot be detected through movement, for example when cycling or when walking with a stroller.

Smartwatch The allrounder

Make one out of two – the best of two worlds for a modern, active lifestyle. The Polar M600 combines all the benefits of Google Android Wear with Polar training features and analyses. With a battery life of up to 48 hours, waterproof gorilla glass and a replaceable wristband, it is just right in any situation.