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Reverse Components – Quality by bikers for bikers

Driven by a personal passion for mountain biking, all product ideas at Reverse Components have been developed literally on the trail since 2004. In addition to the stylish look in numerous colour variants, functionality and reliability are of course the top priorities in product development.

The fact that the founders of Reverse are ambitious bikers themselves is just as beneficial to the development as the feedback from athletes who put the Reverse parts through their paces on downhill and freeride missions and on their tours all around the globe. Speaking of testing: The practical test is good, but Reverse also has every product tested to the most stringent industry standards in the EFBE laboratory. This means you can rely 100% on your parts – "United in Shred".

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The durable components by Reverse feel at home on the trail
The brand Reverse Components offers a wide range of high-quality bike parts for all disciplines ranging from Cross Country through to Downhill, but with a focus on Gravity. Animated by a desire to produce reliable custom components, the employees of the company that is located in the Black Forest get their inspiration from their own passion for mountain biking.

Reliable components not only make you feel good on your bike, they are also especially important for the safety and health of the rider when exposed to high stresses typical for the freeride, dirt and downhill discipline. All Reverse handlebars and stems undergo an intensive overload test that is carried out according to the EFBe standard MTB-G (=gravity). Before a prototype goes into mass production, it is thoroughly tested.

For more than 10 years, Reverse has tested and developed its products in both races and laboratories. To get new inspirations and feedback, Reverse Components works closely together with its Factory Racing Team consisting of national and international pro athletes.

Ranging from rims via stems, headsets, grips, saddles, seatposts, chainrings, chain guides and cranks through to a large number of handlebars and pedals, Revers offers all components you need for the different disciplines of mountain biking.

As a Gravity bike does no longer have to be black, a large number of bikers colours up their bike according to their taste. Reverse offers most of its add-on parts in different anodized colours and thus allows you to give your bike the final touch.

From the very beginning, Reverse Components has maintained a close contact to the scene. As a rider-owned company that was literally developed on the trail, Reverse offers modern mountain bike components with a history; durable, stylish and made with passion.