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The bike accessories brand Rixen & Kaul offers high-quality bike accessories for all those who like to cycle through beautiful landscapes, carrying all their gear in bike bags that are easy, safe and quick to install. The manufacturer’s product range includes handlebar bags, front baskets, rear bike baskets and comfortable backpacks. Besides, the bike accessories range of Rixen & Kaul includes fitting kits and mounts for front and rear bicycle baskets to ensure a perfect fit when carrying all your shopping home. There are also quick-release solutions available. Under the name KLICKfix, the company offers a range of adapters that make the transport of different bike bags on the bike much easier. 

Rixen & Kaul Bike Accessories – Lightweight Accessories and Alloy Bike Baskets 
An early invention of Rixen & Kaul has become a true essential for every cyclist who wants to tension their spokes. The SPOKEY spoke wrench is still highly popular among hobby mechanics and allows you to true your wheels. Today, the KLICKfix Series by Rixen & Kaul includes different bike accessories that have significant benefits for cyclists. They allow you, for example, to use your front bike basket throughout the year. Thanks to a special manufacturing process, the alloy bicycle basket by Rixen & Kaul is a true lightweight. It helps you carry heavy loads safely so you can go grocery shopping by bike. KLICKfix backpacks are just as good and functional and come with many practical pockets and features. All bike products of this company are “Made in Germany”, which means they are not only developed but also manufactured in Germany. 

Bike Backpacks by Rixen & Kaul – Award-Winning Bike Accessories  
Being passionate cyclists themselves, the employees understand their customers’ needs. Therefore, all Rixen & Kaul products are developed based on their own experiences and needs. One thing is for sure: No matter what you want to carry on your bike, a secure installation is indispensable for a safe ride on public roads. The adapter systems and accessories by KLICKfix, a brand by Rixen & Kaul, offer a solution many cyclists use day by day. It allows you to fit bike bags, bike baskets and bike locks in a click. The brand’s bike backpacks allow cyclists to also carry their luggage or clothes themselves. Today, the brand’s systems are found on many bicycles and make the life of cyclists much easier and more convenient. Durability guaranteed. Several design awards prove that the products are manufactured according to high standards.