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RST is a specialist for the design and production of suspension forks used in different disciplines. The company manufactures forks with good suspension systems for mountain bikes and urban bikes. RST is the abbreviation of Rapid Suspension Technology – so, the manufacturer’s name already stands for high standards in the production of sophisticated suspension systems. RST is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mountain bike suspension forks. RST front fork systems are used all over the world to give mountain bikes best suspension qualities.

RST mountain bike products - Expert knowledge for cycling  
RST has been developing and manufacturing especially good suspension forks since 1990. With over 25 years of experience in suspension fork production, the bike company offers real expert knowledge. The experience and technical knowledge gained over the years influence the development of new fork models to allow mountain bikers all over the world to master all challenges in rough terrain. Construction, suspension system, damping technology, travel, adjustments, weight and dimensions - every detail of RST mountain bike suspension forks is designed for best performance. There are RST models with aluminium crown, steel coil and hydraulic damping. For dirt use, the manufacturer offers suspension forks that promise a good handling, a secure grip and clean suspension. The travel is always adapted to the intended use.

RST cycling products – High-tech bike parts  
The suspension fork specialist also offers special models for city bikes that turn daily commutes into a real pleasure. RST city/trekking forks are intended for use on asphalt roads. Riding a city bike with an RST fork is comfortable, as the suspension technology absorbs all bumps from the road. Yet the travel range also allows you to ride off the road. Apart from high-tech suspension forks, RST also offers steerer tubes. The steerers come with a different shaft and thread length.