Products for Triathletes and Swimmers


Founded in 1928 in Bondi Beach, Australia by Alexander McRea, Speedo is now recognised as the world’s leading swimming brand. For Speedo, everything revolves around innovation in and around the water and their endeavour to get people to swim.

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Water is Speedo’s passion.

For more than 90 years, Speedo has been dominating the swimwear market with revolutionary, innovative technologies and designs. ‘Speedo’ has even frequently been used as a synonym for a certain kind of swimwear. In the 20s, Speedo made history, launching the world’s very first swimsuit that was not made of wool – the Racerback.

Speedo continually redefines swimwear. In 2008, the brand launched the Fastskin LZR Racer – a fast, technologically advanced wetsuit supporting and impressing every professional swimmer.

As a globally operating brand for swimwear, Speedo offers a wide range of products for beginners, hobby swimmers, pro swimmers and triathletes.

Share the passion of the Australian brand.

In recent years, Speedo has added leisure swimwear, swimming goggles, ear plugs, towels, swimming boards and various triathlon products to their product range.