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Cycling clothing for road cyclists

sportful has its origin in the ski scene. When Giordano Cremonese wanted to take part in the Marcialonga cross-country skiing competition in 1972, he found that conventional clothes were not made for such tough conditions. Therefore, he started to develop his own clothes made from high-quality acryl fabric. In a bright orange ski suit he took part in the 70-kilometre long race and thus got some compliments. In 1973, sportful was officially founded. Since 1985, the company has also offered cycling clothes.

Innovation and design as a key to success
The clothes are especially designed for use in sports. The skiing experiences gained were used to develop the perfect clothes that even offer high comfort in changing conditions. Since then, innovation and design have been the key to the company’s success. Within a short time only, pro athletes and teams were equipped and some medals won in sportful clothes.

Cycling clothes for road cyclists
The brand’s product range is huge, ranging from bib shorts and trousers via cycling jerseys and jackets through to accessories like caps – here, women and men will find trendy cycling clothes in all colours and sizes. Designed for racing and training!

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Developed in cooperation with the professional riders of the World Tour. The challenge of winter jackets consists in finding the ideal balance of warmth, protection and breathability. The result is a jacket that offers protection in almost any weather in winter, while avoiding heat accumulation.


NoRain thermal technical fabric: nanotechnology with water-repellent outside and brushed fleece on the inside. For jackets, the Sportful NoRain material is used. Rain protection and breathabilty protect you from getting chilled in any weather.


This reversible jacket not only offers the choice between simple and striking models, yet also leaves you the choice which side of the jacket you wear on the outside, depending on the weather conditions. If a little more warmth is required in cool weather, the jacket should be worn with the black side outwards. If additional insulation is required, the jacket should be worn with the coloured side outwards. With the printed side outwards, the outer layer offers wind protection and the inner layer warm insulation.