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Stan's NoTubes

The company Stan’s NoTubes from Big Flats, New York, has made it its business to put an end to flats. The tubeless kits turn standard hook-bead rims and tyres into reliable tubeless tyre systems with a flick of the wrist. Stan’s tyre sealant – that is also separately available like all other parts of the kit – immediately and permanently seals cuts of up to 6 millimetres length. It can be used for both tubeless and converted standard tyres and securely seals them for up to seven months.

Thanks to a special antifreeze additive, the sealant can even be used in temperatures of up to -30°C.

However, a special advantage of the kit is that the already existing tyre/rim combination can still be used. Even though tubeless systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, many cyclists are not willing to buy expensive tubeless parts. For those people, Stan’s No Tubes kit is a real alternative. 
The advantages of a tubeless system are generally known. A lower rotating mass thanks to the elimination of a tube makes the bike significantly more agile, while also improving its acceleration and rolling resistance. The sealant has the ability to self-repair smaller holes, which increases puncture protection and thus allows for the use of even thinner and lighter tyres. The assembly is as simple as the concept and is done in no time.

Stan’s NoTubes offers special sets in 24” to 26” and 29” for Freeride, Cross Country and All-Mountain use.

The reliability of Stan’s NoTubes products was honoured with the coveted Interbike award in the category “Best Brand Value to Customer” in 2014.

Stan’s NoTubes is a real alternative for bargain hunters, pragmatists and all those who appreciate the advantages of tubeless tyres.