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Bike computers by VDO are the high-tech devices for the modern cyclist. State-of-the-art technology belongs to their standard. No matter where you ride or where you want to go, you can always rely on a precise calculation of the route. The bike computers can do much more than measure or display your current speed and show you the time. Bike enthusiasts can also see the trip distance and total kilometres. The weight of the computers is extremely low, data is easy to save and information easy to access. VDO devices are modern, pocket-sized computers that are available as wired and wireless models. In addition, VDO offers GPS devices and bike computers with heart rate and altitude measurement, depending on your needs and the intended use. Features, equipment and accessories vary depending on the VDO model you choose and cover the full spectrum of technological possibilities.

VDO bike computers
VDO computers are state-of-the-art products. The small and handy bike gadgets offer numerous features for commuters and all other bike enthusiasts who like to get information on their ride. What do you want to know? Cadence, average speed of the day or year, trip distance, calories burned, time? These and more values are displayed on the bike computers while riding. The range of use is huge, no matter if you prefer downhill riding, city cruising or touring: VDO bike computers are available for different types of cycling.

Bike computers by VDO – high-tech devices for the modern cyclist
The wireless bike computer by VDO impresses with a clean look, as there are no unnecessary cables on the handlebar. Instead, it offers wireless digital performance data transmission. Of course, VDO devices for bikes are also available in wired versions. These models come with a standard data transmission – in the form of a direct connection. Installing wired VDO computers is easy, even though it takes a bit more time. Those who use their bike for daily commutes or like to do a weekend tour with their family are perfectly equipped with the small, handy bike computers by the expert VDO.