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Multi Tubes – Versatile Accessories for Sports & Leisure

Multi-tubes live up to their name – they are more than just an accessory. In summer, the scarves made from breathable materials are used to quickly wick excess moisture and heat off to the outside and thus keep your neck cool and dry. In winter, the neck warmers are used to protect you from cold draughts. Depending on the intended use, you can choose between multitubes for sports and leisure in any weather, special scarves with UV protection for summer or tubes made from warm materials for winter.

We stock a wide range of multitubes in all price ranges, materials and colours ranging from classic black through to hi-viz colours by renowned brands like BUFF, P.A.C. and many more. Shop multifunctional headwear at ROSE Bikes!

Multi tubes for Summer

Even on warm days you shouldn’t do without a multi tube scarf. Just like high-quality sports underwear, a multi tube serves as a perfect basis for perfect breathability. You can either wear it as a scarf or as a headband or bandana.

Sweating is a natural body process to control body temperature. Sweating helps to cool down your body. The only disadvantage: Once there is a thin layer of moisture on the skin, draughts may cool the body at a faster rate. This effect is called wind chill.

Multi tubes provide a solution exactly for this problem! The fibres tube scarfs are made of wick excess moisture off quickly and effectively move it to the outside for evaporation. Thus, you won’t cool down that fast.

Many summer scarves additionally offer UV protection thanks to tight weaves. Those scarves come with a respective information in the product description, e.g. “UV protection” or "UPF50+".

Multi tubes for Winter

Those who don’t want to do without outdoor activities in the cold season cannot get around multitubes. Just like a classic scarf, a tube cloth protects your neck and head from the cold and wind. However, in contrast to a scarf, a multi tube impresses with increased breathability to reliably wick excess moisture off to the outside in cold temperatures.

Many winter scarves additionally offer excellent protection from wind thanks to a special fabric. Some even have an integrated wind protection membrane like GORE WINDSTOPPER – a thin plastic layer inside the material which offers reliable protection from draughts.

For outdoor activities on particularly cold days, we stock functional scarves made from insulating material. Scarves made from merino wool, Primaloft or (Polar) fleece keep you pleasantly warm.

Scarf, Headband, Hat... – Multitubes are Suitable for Versatile Use

Multi tubes live up to their name. The tube scarves are more than just classic scarves. Here’s some inspiration:

• Scarf

• Neck warmer

• Headband

• Hairband

• Face mask

• Balaclava

• Hat

• Headscarf

• Bandana

• Pirate hat

• Balaclava

• Sunshade neck protector

• Hair tie

• Armband

• And much more

What Material should my Multitube be made of?

Merino wool, fleece, Coolmax fibres, GORE WINDSTOPPER, Primaloft... The choice of materials is huge. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of the single materials? What is the intended use for which material?

To help you choose the right functional tube, we have listed the properties of the single materials and their intended use below:

(Polar) Fleece

• Dense, fluffy polyester material

• High insulation

• Slightly breathable

• Very soft on your skin

• Low weight

• Water-resistant

→ perfect for cold days, everyday life and light activities

Merino wool

• Finer fibres than traditional wool

• Very breathable

• Keeps you cool in summer

• Keeps you warm in winter

• Even pleasantly warm when wet

• Soft on your skin

• Naturally odour resistant

• Natural sun protection factor

→ perfect for use throughout the year


• 25% large surface area than standard polyester fibres

• Very breathable

• Quickly wicks away moisture

• Optimal moisture management

• Fast-drying

• Keeps you pleasantly cool and dry

• Very light

→ perfect for warm days and intensive workouts


• Integrated PTFE membrane

• Windproof

• Micro perforations inside the membrane let moisture and heat escape

• Very breathable

• Permanently water-resistant

• Reduces the risk of wind chill and overheating

→ perfect in strong winds, as well as on colder days and summer evenings


• Cold-insulating

• High breathability

• Thermoregulating

• Water-resistant

• Low weight

→ perfect for sport activities on cold days

These tips should help you find the right multitube for your needs. Our expert consultants will also be happy to help if you require additional support.

We stock a wide range of one size and unisex multitubes in all price ranges, materials and colours ranging from classic black through to hi-viz colours by renowned brands like BUFF, P.A.C. and many more. Shop multifunctional headwear at ROSE Bikes now!