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Leg Warmers for Cycling

Just like arm warmers, leg warmers are a must-have cycling kit essential. In winter, thermal leg warmers keep you comfortably warm and in summer, special leg sleeves provide protection from harmful UV rays. The best bit? Leg warmers offer high flexibility, since you can easily pack them into your jersey pocket or jacket.

We stock a wide range of leg warmers in all common sizes by renowned brands like GORE WEAR, ROSE, Castelli, X-BIONIC and CRAFT. Leg warmers are available for women and men as well as with and without WINDSTOPPER membrane.

Why You Should Wear Leg Warmers on the Bike

Cycling leg warmers are a popular accessory for cyclists. They are usually made from a moisture-wicking fabric like polyester or polyamide and have a high content of elastane to flexibly wrap around your legs. No matter if you use leg warmers in winter or UV-resistant leg sleeves in summer – you can’t go wrong with these accessories.

It’s not always the best choice to wear long cycling tights when cycling. Leg warmers or sleeves specifically prove advantageous for all cyclists that dash through a sunny valley wearing cycling shorts and fight their way up the mountain to be then confronted with low temperatures at the top. Leg warmers easily fit into your jersey pocket to be ready at hand on colder sections. They offer additional warmth, protect from cold draughts and are easy to put on. Thus, leg warmers offer gentle protection from the cold exactly when you need it. For maximum flexibility on your tours. Leg warmers are not only popular among road cyclists, but also among mountain bikers.

There are also leg sleeves available for summer. They protect from harmful UV rays and optimisebreathability thanks to their high-tech fabric – for a pleasantly cool and dry feeling. When not in use, you can pack them into the pockets of your jersey or jacket to always have them ready at hand. Thanks to high elasticity, the practical accessory is easy to put on. Flat seams ensure a comfortable fit. To make sure the leg warmers don’t slip, they often feature anti-slip prints or silicone stripes and top and/or bottom hem. Thus, they stay in place while cycling.

For ease of use, you should make sure your leg warmers have zips at the ankles. This allows for easy on and off and makes for a tight fit.

Leg Warmers for Winter

Thermal leg warmers are mostly used on cold autumn and winter days, as they keep you and your muscles pleasantly warm on your tours and protect you from cold wind. It’s the material that is specifically designed for use throughout the cold months of the year that makes the difference:

  • Thermal fabric: To perfectly protect from the cold, arm warmers are made from a thick material that keeps you comfortably warm and prevents the cold from penetrating. At the same time, the fabric is breathable and wicks excess moisture off to the outside quickly. This keeps your legs pleasantly warm and dry on colder days.
  • Brushed inside: For additional warmth, most thermal fabrics are brushed on the inner side. Thus, they trap a protective layer of air to store your body heat. In addition, it makes the material feel softer on the skin.
  • Windproof leg warmers: Leg warmers with a windproof membrane are a practical accessory for even better protection from cold temperatures and draughts. A membrane is a thin plastic sheeting that is integrated in the fabric to prevent wind from penetrating. Fine, microscopically small perforations in the membrane allow water vapour, that is produced when sweating, to escape to the outside fast. Thus, leg warmers with a windproof membrane like GORE WINDSTOPPER impress with a pleasantly warm and dry feeling.

Leg Sleeves as UV Protection for Summer

Even in summer, leg sleeves can be a practical accessory for cyclists. Instead of warm, thermal leg warmers though, you should go for light leg sleeves that provide improved breathability and sun protection thanks to their high-tech fabric.

Especially for use in high temperatures, some manufacturers have developed leg sleeves that offer effective UV protection. Thus, they protect you from harmful UV rays when combined with a respective pair of cycling tights.

Another reason to wear summer leg sleeves is the breathability the material offers. The fabric wicks excess heat and moisture off to the outside to provide a pleasantly cool and dry feeling on hot days – for high comfort.

What Size Do I Need?

All leg warmers in our range are unisex models designed for women and men alike. Yet, it’s important to find the right size. If you buy your leg warmers too big, they may slip down your arm during exercise. If they are too small and tight, they’ll limit your arm mobility. Many manufacturers offer a respective size chart including all measurements. Leg warmers should fit tight to make sure they won’t slip, but they should not cut into your skin.

What’s the Right Way to Wear Leg Warmers?

When looking for right size leg warmers, you should make sure the sleeves are tight-fitting without cutting into your skin. You should have enough freedom of movement and yet the leg warmers should not slip.

With these practical tips, it should be easy to find the right leg warmers for your needs. Our expert consultants will be happy to help you find the right size leg warmers.

We stock a wide range of leg warmers in all common sizes by renowned brands like GORE WEAR, ROSE, Castelli, X-BIONIC and CRAFT. Leg warmers are available for women and men as well as with and without GORE WINDSTOPPER membrane.