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Cycling Underwear for Road Cyclists, Mountain Bikers, Cycle Tourers and Commuters

It is no secret how important a high-quality base layer is. Fine rib vests have had their day. Instead, breathable underwear is becoming increasingly popular. And this is not without reason! Their functional fibres provide a perfect basis for a cycling kit. No matter how good and expensive your cycling jacket or cycling jersey is – if the base layer is not the right one, the layers won’t work in combination with each other either. In order to not compromise on breathability, proper cycling underwear is a must-have cycling kit essential!

This buying guide will help you find the right underwear for your needs. Here, you’ll learn all about cycling underwear and what you should look out for when buying a new base layer for your bike tours.

We stock a wide range of cycling underwear including women’s and men’s undershirts, liner pants and sports bras in all common sizes, colours and price ranges by renowned brands like ROSE, Craft, GORE WEAR, Odlo, Uyn, X-Bionic and many more.

What Do I Need Cycling Underwear For?

Traditional cotton is not recommended as a base layer for sport activities, since it absorbs and stores moisture. There’s hardly any moisture transport to the outside at all. Once soaked, the material feels damp on the skin. In addition, this results in a wind chill – making the temperatures feel colder than they actually are. Thus, you risk a dangerous overcooling of your body.

Compared to traditional cotton garments, high-quality synthetic underwear is much more breathable. The structure of the synthetic fibres (e.g. polyamide, polyester or polypropylene) makes sure the fabric quickly absorbs excess moisture. Thus, moisture is wicked off to the outside for evaporation. This keeps your skin comfortably dry.

Cycling Base Layer Shirts – A Must Have for Summer Cycling!

In winter, a high-quality base layer serves as an additional layer to keep you warm. However, in summer, too, a base layer can be a perfect complement to your cycling kit. It wicks excess moisture and heat off to the outside to keep you pleasantly dry and cool. Therefore, a cycling base layer shirt is a must have cycling kit essential – whether for summer or winter.

Click here to find a wide range of breathable short sleeve cycling undershirts, singlets for women, men and kids as well as thermal long sleeve base layers for winter.

Cycling Liner Shorts and Pants – Cycling Kit Essentials

A sporty saddle is not as comfortable as a sofa. To prevent saddle sores, it is thus recommended to wear padded shorts or pants. A seat pad absorbs bumps from the road or trail for more cycling fun. If your cycling pants or MTB shorts don’t have an integrated seat pad, you can combine them with a pair of padded cycling liner shorts. An unbeatable combination for more comfort on the bike!

Here you’ll find a huge choice of women’s, men’s and kid’s liner shorts with or without pad, as well as breathable boxer shorts for men and unpadded panties for women.

Sports Bras for Cycling

Watch out ladies! A sports bra is a must-have essential for your jogging kit. Yet, it is also indispensable for cycling. A perfectly fitting sports bra provides best support for the breast tissue. In our buyer's guide, we’ll explain what you should pay attention to when buying a sports bra and show you how to find the perfect size.

Click here for our sports bras with a low, medium and high level of support for cyclists.

With these undergarments you are perfectly dressed for every tour. Get yourself a base layer for maximum performance on the bike! If you have any questions about cycling underwear or require additional advice, please feel free to contact our expert consultants at any time. We will be happy to help you.

We stock a wide range of cycling underwear, including women’s and men’s undershirts, liner pants and sports bras in all common sizes, colours and price ranges by renowned brands like ROSE, Craft, GORE WEAR, Odlo, Uyn, X-Bionic and many more.