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LEATT DBX 3.0 ENDURO MTB full-face helmet

The DBX 3.0 ENDURO full-face MTB helmet by LEATT comes with a detachable chin bar. In this way, the full-face helmet can quickly be turned into a "con...

RRP €239.00 199.95 

Best rated!

uvex jakkyl hde helmet

The jakkyl hde helmet by UVEX is a quick-change artist. The chin guard can be fitted or removed as you wish. The BOA 30° FULL RING allows for an indiv...

RRP €229.95 164.00 


Whether it's a tough climb or a speedy downhill section: With the KING CARAPAX enduro helmet including removable chin bar, you'll also cut a fine figu...

RRP €179.95 124.90 

BELL SUPER 3R MIPS All Mountain Helmet

The SUPER 3R MIPS MTB helmet by BELL is a quick-change artist for all-mountain riders. Thanks to a detachable chin bar, it is the perfect choice for a...

Low in stock!

FOX PROFRAME full-face helmet

The PROFRAME full-face helmet is one of the lightest and most breathable full-face helmets FOX offers. Developed for all-mountain riders and enduro ra...

Colour: MINK Midnight

MINK Midnight
RRP €269.95 199.95 

Low in stock!

BELL TRANSFER-9 full face helmet

The TRANSFER-9 full face helmet by BELL is ready to rock the bike park. This full face MTB helmet comes with all features you need for your next adven...


FOX V1 MTB full face helmet

The V1 MTB full face helmet by FOX features an impressive technology: the Magnetic Visor Release System! This system uses powerful magnets – instead o...

BELL SANCTION MTB full-face helmet

The SANCTION full-face helmet by BELL is the right choice for all dirt and BMX riders looking for an attractively priced full-face helmet with a slim...

O´NEAL SONUS full-face helmet

The SONUS full-face helmet by O'NEAL offers effective protection on rough tracks, thanks to its lightweight ABS outer shell. The inner padding is very...


O´NEAL FURY RL II incl. Go Pro Aufnahme

Would you like to share your speedy downhills with friends? Action cameras can be easily fitted to the O’NEAL FURY RL II full visor helmet. This allow...

Low in stock!

iXS XACT full-face helmet

2017 Design & innovation Award winner The XACT full-face helmet by IXS combines lightness with stability. Thanks to a shorter visor, this enduro helm...


The CORON AIR SPIN MTB helmet by POC was developed in cooperation with POCs athlete team. Therefore, it offers a perfect combination of performance, p...


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O´NEAL BLADE Full Face MTB helmet

The BLADE MTB full face helmet by O’NEAL combines style and safety. This MTB full face helmet made of lightweight fibreglass stands out for perfect ve...

Colour: RIDER black/white

RIDER black/white
RIDER black/white
RRP €199.95 189.95 


FOX V1 kids' MTB full face helmet

The V1 full face helmet by FOX is also available for kids! Thanks to the MVRS system that uses magnets not bolts to attach the visor to the helmet, th...

RRP €139.95 99.95 

Low in stock!

O´NEAL FURY MIPS full-face helmet

The O’NEAL FURY full-face helmet features the well-known MIPS system. In this way, the perfectly ventilated full-face helmet additionally protects you...

Colour: black/yellow

RRP €169.95 129.95 

Low in stock!

iXS XULT full-face helmet

The XULT helmet was developed in cooperation with Cedric Gracia and offers numerous advantages: the safety of a traditional full-face helmet combined...

Colour: yellow CG EDITION

RRP €349.95 179.95 

Low in stock!

TSG SQUAD full-face helmet

When downhill rides get rougher, it’s high time to wear a full-face helmet. The aerodynamic SQUAD MTB helmet by TSG was specially developed for BMX an...

Colour: trap acid orange

trap acid orange
ripped black

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LEATT DBX 3.0 ENDURO Fullface Helm MTB (B-Ware)

Bitte beachte, dass dieser Artikel als B-Ware angeboten wird. B-Ware kann Gebrauchsspuren oder andere optische Mängel aufweisen, wurde jedoch überprüf...

Colour: ink

RRP €239.00 199.00 

Low in stock!

TSG SQUAD JUNIOR full-face helmet

When downhill rides of youngsters get rougher, it’s high time to wear a full-face helmet. The aerodynamic SQUAD MTB helmet by TSG was specially develo...

Colour: ripped black

ripped black

Full Face Helmets for Adrenaline Junkies

Robust full visor helmets for daring jumps in downhill and bike park riding

Daring jumps and a lot of adrenaline – if you love ripping down descents on your bike, you need a helmet that provides ultimate protection. Therefore, in the disciplines of Downhill / DH, FR and Enduro, special full-face helmets are used that offer full head coverage when riding your MTB. In our online shop, you will find full-face helmets and downhill helmets in all sizes, colours and price ranges. Downhill helmets from renowned brands such as Troy Lee Designs, O'NEAL, FOX and Bell are also available in our product range.

The integral helmet specially for bikers

Thanks to their integrated chin bar, full-face helmets provide effective protection for the whole head and face. A fixed chin guard with integrated cheek pads offers particularly great protection during crashes. A full-face helmet is heavier than a standard MTB helmet, but offers better protection for bike acrobats. A good alternative to save weight when biking with a full-facer are helmets with full carbon. As opposed to comparable integral helmets used in motorbike or motocross sports, MTB full-face lids feature better ventilation and come with a certification that is specially adapted to the needs of riding your mountain bike on downhill and enduro trails.

Removable chin bar for enduro riding

We also offer "hybrid" full-face helmets – this is how MTB bike helmets with a detachable chin guard are called. When riding uphill, you can simply take the chin bar off your lid and stow it in your backpack. This gives you maximum breathability and allows you to give your all. When it is time to enjoy the descent, you can quickly lock the chin bar back on to ensure maximum protection. With their detachable chin bars, these hybrid full-face helmets for Enduro provide a practical combination for versatile riding.

What should I pay attention to when buying a full-facer?

A full-face helmet or downhill helmet should fit securely without being too tight or wobbling – the size depends on your head circumference. A removable and washable liner makes sure that you will enjoy using your helmet for a long time. Another important feature is a goggle mount. Some helmets come with notches along the back of the head to keep the goggles in place. A double-D closure at the chin strap ensures safe hold of the helmet and fast opening when you want to take off the helmet.

MIPS – Technology against rotational forces

Some of the full-face helmets in our product range come with the so-called “MIPS” system – which is short for “Multi-Directional Impact Protection System”. This describes a slip-plane system within the helmet. It is designed to rotate inside the helmet in order to minimise rotational forces that may occur during side impacts particularly. Full-face helmets with this technology are marked as such.

Fast first aid thanks to removable cheek pads

In case of emergency, full-face helmets are often unpractical and even a hindrance for rescuers. Therefore, some full-face helmets come with an integrated emergency feature. With this emergency system, the cheek pads can be removed quickly from the full-face helmet to provide a larger opening and easier removal of the helmet from the head of the injured person. A great feature for added safety and faster first aid!

When should I replace my full-face helmet?

A crash might seriously damage your bike helmet. Not every damage is visible on the outside though. Cracks in the material and the foam inside will keep the helmet from absorbing as much energy as it did before – your safety is no longer guaranteed. That’s why you should replace your full-face helmet after every fall. Even if your helmet wasn’t used in a crash, you should replace it at regular intervals. UV rays, moisture and other external influences remove the helmet’s glue after a certain amount of time, or they cause the helmet’s material to wear out. This is why we recommend buying a new helmet regularly.

CE and US standard – the safe MTB helmet

The CE standard DIN EN1078 is mandatory for all bike helmets sold in the European Union and Switzerland. This is the minimum requirement for all MTB helmets. In addition, there is the US testing standard ASTM F1952-15 or ASTM F2032-15 for helmets used in downhill and BMX sports demanding a higher safety standard. The US standard requires a full face protection. Chin bar, closure system and helmet shell are put through their paces in this test. Your full-face helmet should thus at any rate be certified to DIN EN1078, yet ideally also comply with the stricter US testing standards.

No matter whether you enjoy downhill riding or enduro shredding – you should never do it without wearing a full-face helmet! Discover our range of bike helmets for use on your mountain bike! Our experts will be happy to assist you with choosing a light and appropriate full-face lid for your intended use. Our product range includes a large selection of full-face helmets in your price range, size and colour from popular brands such as BELL, Troy Lee Designs, FOX, O'NEAL, UVEX and more. Discover our top offers!