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The Fleece Jacket - Warm and Comfortable

A Classic Jacket for Sport and Lifestyle

Whether you wear it in the office, on a bike tour, in the supermarket or at home – we can no longer do without fleece jackets. They keep you pleasantly warm on cold days, are versatile pieces of clothing and stand out for high next-to-skin comfort. Discover our range of fleece jackets with and without hood for women and men in all common sizes, colours and price ranges by brands like Jack Wolfskin and VAUDE. Browse through the ROSE online shop!

Fleece jacket – what's that?

Fleece jackets are made of the popular fleece material. Fleece is a synthetic fibre that is usually made of polyester. Thanks to a brushed surface, the material is known for outstanding insulating properties. Moreover, fleece is very lightweight, robust, elastic, fast-drying and soft on the inside. The perfect combination for high comfort on cool days.

Depending on the quality of the fleece and the thickness of the material, fleece jackets offer a different level of insulation. A good example are the different weight classes of fleece Jack Wolfskin offers: The manufacturer distinguishes between NANUK 100, NANUK 200 and NANUK 300. The respective name already indicates the weight class. While NANUK 100 has a weight of 100 - 150 g/m², NANUK 300 even weighs 300 - 400 g/m². This classification shows that no fleece is like the other. Depending on the weight class, your fleece jacket offers a low or high level of insulation.

Classic fleece material consists of an out- and inside made of polyester. Yet, there are also special types of fleeces like bipolar fleece with a somewhat rougher surface or high loft fleece materials with a very long, fluffy outside. We stock a wide range of fleece jackets in different weight classes and stylish designs.

When should I wear a fleece jacket?

A fleece is a very versatile item of clothing. A thin fleece jacket is perfect for use in-between seasons or on cool summer evenings. Other versions and models made of thicker fleece material though offer pleasant warmth and can be used as a mid-layer during outdoor activities in winter.

Which fleece fits into my Jack Wolfskin jacket?

Jack Wolfskin is one of the brands that offer outdoor jackets with an integrated zip system to zip in a liner jacket. Thus, you can easily combine your outdoor jacket with a warm liner jacket to get a hybrid jacket that keeps you warm with a fleece inside while protecting you from wind and rain. Liner jackets made of fleece material are especially popular. In our online shop, all zip-in liner jackets come with the tag "SHORT ZIP system", "REGULAR ZIP System" or "LONG ZIP System" in the product description. Please keep in mind that the liner jacket you choose should have the same zip system as the outer jacket to guarantee full compatibility. If you are not sure which liner jacket to choose, our experts will be happy to help.

What features should I look for?

Depending on the intended use, you should choose an outdoor fleece jacket with different features. Here are a few useful features to consider when buying a fleece jacket:

Hood - Some fleece jackets feature a fitted hood. These hooded jackets offer additional warmth for your neck and head.

Thumb Loops - Some fleece jackets have a thumb loop on the cuff. A thumb hole inside the material stops wind from blowing into the sleeves. This wind stop is primarily used for outdoor fleece jackets.

Environmentally friendly – The trend is towards a resource-saving production of textile fabrics. Therefore, numerous brands use recycled bottles to produce their materials. Thus, some fleeces are made of polyester gained from recycled PET bottles or other waste materials. Brands like VAUDE are known for their high standards in environmental material production.

You don't have a soft fleece jacket yet? Then it's high time to get yourself a lightweight jacket for leisure and outdoor activities! In the ROSE online shop, you are sure to find the perfect jacket for sport and lifestyle. Discover our wide choice of fleece jackets with and without hood for women and men in all common sizes, colours and price ranges by brands like Jack Wolfskin and VAUDE.