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Cycling Jackets and Cycling Gilets for any Occasion

Always well dressed: Rain jackets, windbreaker jackets, fleece jackets, sweat jackets, technical jackets and more

Those who are addicted to cycling know how important a good cycling jacket is. Nobody wants to take shelter from a shower for minutes, risking getting cold. Properly dressed riders can simply keep on riding when heavens open. However, our product range not only includes useful waterproof jackets and technical jackets for wet and cold conditions, but also windproof softshell jackets, warm thermal jackets and proper jackets for your road or mountain bike tours. Apart from models for men, we also stock a huge range of cycling jackets for women and kids. If you require additional insulation, it is recommended to wear an insulated cycling gilet as a thermal layer underneath. Our range includes jackets and vests in all colours and price categories by popular brands like GORE WEAR, VAUDE, MAVIC and ENDURA.


To make sure you don't have to stay at home on rainy and/or stormy days, many technical jackets (also called hardshell jackets) feature a membrane. You surely know some famous membranes like GORE-TEX, GORE WINDSTOPPER, SYMPATEX, TEXAPORE or CEPLEX. A membrane is a weather-resistant, protective layer welded to the other layers of a garment. Thanks to micropores inside the material, a membrane stops rain drops from passing to the inside – while letting water vapour from sweat pass to the outside.

Three-layer laminates consist of a weather-resistant membrane which is laminated to an outer fabric and a lining. A two-layer laminate consists of a membrane which is laminated to the inside of an outer fabric and, if necessary, a loose lining in the form of a taffeta or net lining. In addition, there are 2,5-layer laminates featuring a thin protective layer instead of a lining. It is a matter of personal taste how many layers you prefer.


No membrane is like the other – basically, one can distinguish between windproof, wind-resistant, waterproof and water-resistant membranes. A windproof membrane of a cycling windbreaker jacket primarily helps reduce wind chill. With increasing wind speed, the wind chill effect makes the air temperature feel colder than it actually is. An air temperature of 5°C for instance may feel like -18°C for the body at moderate wind speeds. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a membrane that prevents blowing air from penetrating the windbreaker jacket. So, windproof membranes protect you from wind and wind chill. Some of the popular windproof membranes are GORE WINDSTOPPER by GORE WEAR and VAUDE WINDPROOF membranes. Cycling jackets with a wind-resistant membrane on the contrary cannot completely stop the wind from passing through but provide light protection from cool air. That's why they are primarily suitable for days with no wind or a slight breeze.


For riding on rainy days or dashing through puddles, you should wear a cycling jacket with a waterproof or water-resistant membrane. According to the European standard DIN EN 343:2010-05 (protective clothing – protection against rain), a fabric must at least withstand 800 mm of water to be called "waterproof class 2". "Waterproof class 3" already requires a water column of 1300 mm. Everything below this magical limit is simply water-resistant, which means that the material will absorb water after a short time. Therefore, you are well advised to wear a waterproof jacket with the highest possible waterproof rating when riding in heavy rain. Some popular waterproof membranes for cycling clothing are for instance GORE-TEX by GORE WEAR, VAUDE CEPLEX, VAUDE SYMPATEX and JACK WOLFSKIN TEXAPORE.


So which waterproof rating should the waterproof membrane of my clothes have? There are no hard and fast rules about how high the waterproof rating should be. When wearing a backpack or riding in stronger winds for example, it is recommended to choose a higher waterproof rating, as strong winds and backpack straps increase the pressure of the water on the material. In addition, it's important that the seams and zips of waterproof jackets, too, can withstand rain. Therefore, they are usually welded to stop water from passing through. Of course, a higher waterproof rating is highly recommended for outdoor activities on rainy days – the value varies from brand to brand and can reach up to 30 000 mm. If you are not sure what you need, please feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to help you find a cycling jacket in your size and price class.


Softshell jackets have become very popular among cyclists thanks to their versatility. Softshell fabric stands out for special elasticity and high stretch. Thus, softshell jackets impress with a high freedom of movement – which is perfect for bike tours, sport and daily use. In addition, the material of a softshell jacket feels pleasantly soft and comfortable on the skin, while being breathable, water-resistant and wind-resistant. When featuring a membrane like the GORE WINDSTOPPER membrane, they are windproof at that. Yet, they don't withstand heavy rain.


The features of cycling jackets vary depending on the season they are made for. In winter, you are well advised to wear winter jackets that are either made from a pleasantly soft fleece material like fleece jackets or that come with a brushed fleece inside for increased insulation, while being breathable nevertheless. Jackets with a down or synthetic fibre filling – e.g. PRIMALOFT – are also a good choice. The padding effectively stores your body heat, so that you can even do long bike tours on cold days.
If you go for a packable model, you can fold your waterproof jacket or windbreaker jacket to pack it into your jersey pocket when not in use. A convertible zip-off jacket offers even more flexibility. This type of jacket comes with zip-off sleeves to turn it into a cycling gilet or cycling jersey, depending on the model you choose. Thus, you can spontaneously decide how much insulation you need in-between seasons.
In summer, lightweight cycling vests are a good choice. They impress with light insulation to offer you a bit of warmth on cooler mountain stages without being bulky.


Before buying a new cycling jacket, you should think about what features are important to you.
  • Hood – If you have a waterproof helmet cover, you won't need a hood. Hoods are especially recommended when wearing a jacket in daily life, too.
  • Reflectors – Whether in summer or winter, whether you are riding an MTB, a road bike or a touring bike – it is strongly recommended to choose a cycling jacket with hi-vis details. If you want to wear your cycling jacket on daily commutes and in road traffic, you should make sure the jacket features high-quality reflective elements – with 360° visibility, if possible. What's more, you should think about buying a cycling jacket in a bright colour like fluorescent yellow instead of a dark black jacket. Thus, you are highly visible for other road users at dusk and after dark.
  • LED or flashing light – Some cycling jackets feature an LED light for high visibility in road traffic. Browse through our range and look for models with this feature!
  • Raglan sleeves – Pre-shaped raglan sleeves are designed to provide a perfect fit in riding position. The sleeves won't ride up and there won't be any tension around your shoulders when cycling. Perfect for increased comfort.
  • Longer back panel – Due to the hunched-over position when cycling, common jackets often tend to ride up and expose sensitive body areas. To make sure you don't have to adjust your jacket every few minutes and protect your buttocks from rain, we recommend wearing a cycling jacket or gilet with a longer back for sufficient coverage and protection from cold, wind and rain.
  • Ventilation zips under the arms – Exhausting tours will cause you to produce a lot of sweat. A breathable membrane alone is often not enough to cope with this task. To allow for even more breathability and ventilation in critical zones, many cycling jackets have zips under the arms that can be opened, if need be.
  • Pockets -If you want to take an energy bar, keys or your smartphone with you, you should make sure your windbreaker or waterproof jacket comes with pockets. Many classic cycling jackets feature three rear pockets as well as an additional zipped pocket for valuables. Showerproof jackets only come with pockets with a waterproof zipper to stop water from passing through.


If you pay attention to environmentally-friendly production, transport routes and materials, you should look out for labels like "GREEN SHAPE", "FAIR WEAR", "recycled polyamide", "PFC free" and so on. All those products are produced in an environmentally-friendly and resource-saving way. For further details on these labels, please see the specific product page. Some renowned brands with high environmental standards are VAUDE and TRIPLE2.


Depending on intended use and personal preferences, you can choose between loose-fitting cycling jackets and jackets that are close-fitting to follow all your movements. A snug, slim fit makes sure your jacket won't flutter in the wind or get in your way while riding. A loose, regular fit that is highly popular with mountain bikers on the contrary allows you to wear several layers or even protectors underneath – ideal for mountain bike adventures or daily commutes.


We stock a wide range of cycling jackets for all situations, sexes and ages. Apart from men's cycling jackets by renowned brands, we also offer women's cycling jackets that are especially adapted to the female anatomy for a perfect fit. As every discipline has different requirements on a cycling jacket, you can choose between MTB jackets and road bike jackets. For the cold months of the year, insulated or thermal jackets with warm materials and a protective membrane are a good choice – as they keep you warm on cool summer evenings, in-between seasons or in winter. However, if you only require light weather protection and like to have high freedom of movement, you are well-advised to browse through our range of softshell jackets – thanks to softshell fabric, these jackets are usually slightly more elastic, windproof and water-resistant. On rainy days, we recommend choosing a waterproof jacket – the wind- and waterproof membrane of a rain jacket reliably protects you from rain and wind. Garments for kids can be found in each of the categories. In addition, we stock a range of cycling gilets for additional warmth and protection for your torso. Here you'll surely find what you are looking for!

Browse through our range of men's, women's and kids' cycling jackets and gilets and find a garment in your size (size XL, XXL and oversize are also available) and favourite colour (pink, blue, black etc.) by renowned brands like ENDURA, VAUDE, GORE WEAR, GONSO, CRAFT, MAVIC, assos, Castelli and VAUDE.