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MTB Trousers

Everything you need for trail riding

Mud splashes upwards, a branch slaps against your legs, your favourite trail really gets you moving. Mountain biking is a huge challenge for rider and gear. Therefore, your trousers or shorts should stand up to some serious freeriding abuse. Be it mud or dust, friction on the saddle, abrasions resulting from contact with branches or falls… above all, MTB pants should be built tough and durable!

In our range, you will surely find the right pair of mountain bike trousers – whether with or without liner shorts, for women, kids or men, for relaxed cross-country rides or downhill adventures. Discover our choice of trousers and shorts from top brands including FOX, VAUDE, Endura, GORE, O’Neal and Troy Lee Designs!

The right type of MTB trousers for you!

We’d love to help you find the right cycling trousers for your needs! We stock a huge range of cycling trousers and baggy shorts for mountain biking in all price ranges – just have a look around or get in touch with us!

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between long MTB trousers or MTB shorts. Especially on warm days, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting shorts made of light and elastic fabric. Thus, you will enjoy sufficient breathability and mobility on the trail. For riding in cold weather, you can combine your shorts with knee warmers or leg warmers. Of course, you can also choose a pair of long cycling trousers or MTB pants from our range. Cycling trousers with a fleecy brushed lining and windproof panels are especially recommended for use in winter.

What would you like: water-repellent or waterproof?

If you additionally require protection from rain and spray, you should pay attention to the water-repellent or waterproof properties of trousers or shorts. Well-known waterproof membranes are for instance GORE-TEX by GORE, CEPLEX and SYMPATEX by VAUDE and JACK WOLFSKIN TEXAPORE. If you only require protection from spray, you can also go for a pair of cycling trousers or shorts with a water-repellent finish. See here for our range of waterproof cycling trousers!!

With or without liner shorts?

Many mountain bike trousers feature removable liner shorts with an integrated chamois. The seat pad offers pleasant shock absorption and vibration damping for more fun on long distances. Usually, the chamois pads of the included liner shorts are made of foam. If you like, you can also swap the liner shorts for your favourite pair of cycling underpants with gel pad. Please note, however, that not all MTB pants feature a pair of removable liner shorts!

Which type of chamois is right for me?

Options differ on this question! Whereas some bikers like to ride with a thicker seat pad to be protected against all shocks and vibrations and to sit comfortably on hard saddles, other riders prefer a thinner pad or even no pad at all for maximum flexibility

Therefore, we have a huge range of cycling trousers with different types of chamois pads to choose from. Ranging from wide and narrow pads fitting your sit bone distance, via thick and thin seat pads for the right level of damping through to different types of materials (foam or gel) – here you’ll get what you need!

Our employees will be happy to help you, if you are not sure which seat pad to choose!

DH pants and freeride trousers

Especially for downhills or freeride tours, it is recommended to wear durable and tough MTB trousers. Most cycling pants developed for extreme MTB riding are made from a tight-knit nylon fabric. Therefore, the outer shorts are extremely abrasion resistant. A well-known material is for example Cordura that stands out for high durability. In addition, you should make sure your DH trousers offer maximum mobility – therefore, most trousers have stretch panels around the crotch as well as articulated knees for best fit on the bike and sufficient room to wear protectors underneath. As you primarily ride out of the saddle on downhill and freeride tours, DH pants often do not include a seat pad or liner shorts – should you require a chamois pad, you are welcome to equip the DH trousers with a pair of padded cycling underpants.

Play it safe - MTB trousers with pads

Those who ride over rough tracks require additional safety. Thus, you can choose from a wide range of underpants with integrated pads on thighs, tail bone, hips or other sensitive body areas. These foam pads distribute impact energy over a large surface to reduce it. For maximum protection on thrilling trails!

Which additional features are there?

If you are looking for a pair of perfect MTB trousers, you should also think about which features are most important to you. Here's a list of the key features:

Zip pockets - No matter if you ride in a bike park or if you head out for a short evening ride – most riders want to have at least one zippered pocket to stow away their keys, energy bar, phone or a map. The number and size of the pockets vary depending on the trouser model – just choose the trousers that suit your needs best.

Stretch panels - Mountain bikers in particular need maximum freedom of movement. Most MTB pants and baggy shorts come with stretch panels e.g. above the seat to allow for unrestricted movement. That means as you're pedalling, these trousers will move with your body without constricting at all.

Reflectors – No matter if it's summer or winter or if you ride a mountain bike, road bike or touring bike: It is highly recommended to choose cycling trousers and shorts with reflective elements. If you want to use your MTB pants on urban roads, you should make sure they have high-quality reflective details – preferably with 360° visibility.

Here you'll surely find the right pants or shorts for your next mountain bike adventure – whether mountain bike trousers for women, kids or men, for All Mountain, Downhill or Racing or for relaxed evening rides! You can choose from a wide range of trousers in all common sizes, padded or unpadded, as classic pants or shorts. Discover our range of well-known brands such as FOX, Troy Lee Designs, VAUDE, Endura, GORE and O’Neal.