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Tights and Knickers for Speed Lovers

The perfect pair of tights

No matter whether you want to burn off some energy after work or ride hundreds of kilometres at the weekend – finding the perfect pair of cycle tights is essential for your success and comfort. Those who have already spent some hours in the saddle with jeans on know how important perfectly fitting cycling tights with few seams and a shock-absorbing pad are. Therefore, we stock a huge range of tights especially designed for road cycling.

In our online shop, you’ll find the best cycle tights for any road cyclist. There are tights for women, men and kids by ROSE or other brands like assos, GORE, X-BIONIC, VAUDE, CASTELLI, ENDURA and GONSO. You can choose between thin bib shorts and summer tights, as well as between warm tights, bib tights or thermal bib tights for winter.

Tights for road cycling – what should I wear underneath?

To guarantee best breathability, it is recommended not to wear additional underwear underneath your cycle tights. Manufacturers usually design the chamois pad and tights with as few seams as possible. Thus, your cycling tights perfectly adapt to your body and movements, so that you can safely leave your underwear at home.

Which seat pad is right for me?

Unlike the riding position on a touring bike or mountain bike, the torso angle on a road bike is significantly steeper. This increases pressure on the front of your nether regions at the saddle nose. Therefore, road cycling tights require different pads than trousers used for other types of cycling.

As they represent the core part of cycling tights, chamois pads must be adapted to the body’s contact points. That’s why many manufacturers carry out extensive tests and test rides to find the perfect positioning of materials, seams and foam or gel densities. The side wings of the pads are usually very thin to allow for zero friction pedalling without providing any shock absorption. This ensures maximum mobility in the saddle. Besides, seat pads are commonly equipped with different density zones – so that the contact points are for instance padded with a higher density foam than other areas. Thus, your pad offers shock absorption where you need it. Ventilation channels and perforations inside the foam provide breathability and a constant air flow. It is also recommended to choose a pad with an antibacterial outer fabric for lasting freshness.

When buying a pair of padded cycling tights, you can choose between foam and gel pads. The advantage of gel pads is that they ensure a perfect fit thanks to a more flexible material. As the gel adapts to the saddle and the rider’s anatomy, it is also comfortable on long distances.

There are also different ways to sew a pad into a pair of trousers. Depending on the type of processing, the pad is sewn onto the main fabric with less or more seams. Some manufacturers only fix the pad on a few edges to allow it to move freely as you’re pedalling.

There are also women-specific chamois pads that are adapted to the female anatomy. As women generally have wider sit bones, ladies’ seat pads are usually wider. In addition, the contact points are different from men’s designs. Therefore, it is recommended to make sure the integrated seat pad comes in a women-specific fit, if you are looking for women’s tights.

Bib tights vs. waist tights – Cycling tights with or without straps

Apart from classic cycling shorts and waist tights, you can also choose from various bib tight models. The latter have a clear advantage: They are always reliably kept in place. No slipping, no waistband digging into your stomach! Where cycling pants, tights and shorts may slip while cycling, bib shorts and long bib tights fit tight around your body and even keep your sensitive kidneys warm when the jersey rides up. The only disadvantage: You won’t get around taking off your top during toilet breaks – especially as a lady. Therefore, some women-specific bib tights come with practical features for easier breaks such as a zip above the waist or a neck holder.

Which cycling tights should I wear for spinning?

Those who prefer to train indoors during winter can basically choose any type of cycling tights. As you might get warm when spinning though, it is recommended to choose cycle tights made of elastic and breathable fabrics. Depending on temperature and personal preferences, you can choose between classic tights, cycling shorts or bib tights for an even better fit. A seat pad, too, proves advantageous on hard spinning bike saddles.

Which cycling tights should I choose for autumn and winter?

Those who don’t want to do without road bike training in winter should dress warmly! We stock a wide range of long cycling tights and thermal trousers with a warm lining and a high-cut back panel. Long bib tights with a windproof fabric at the front of the legs are particularly interesting for this purpose. Especially those who require additional warmth on stormy and cool days or when dashing down the hill should go for cycling tights with a windproof membrane. Numerous pants or thermal cycling tights come with a thin plastic film integrated into the material. In this way, they protect against cold wind. Please note, however, that most cycle tights are not completely windproof but only have a windproof membrane at the front of the legs. Windproof cycling tights are also water-resistant, which means that spray and light rain won’t penetrate the material.

For speed lovers we offer a huge range of women’s, men’s and kids’ cycling trousers in a tight fit that are especially designed for road cycling. You have the choice between long cycling pants, warm thermal tights and thin or breathable shorts and knickers, padded or unpadded, black or colourful. Discover our range of cycling tights by major brands like assos, GORE, X-BIONIC, VAUDE, CASTELLI, ENDURA and GONSO.